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Anonymous asked:

Tayga multi promt: Taylor helps Gaga after she relapses into her disordered eating ways?

Thats a great prompt!! I can do that but ive already gotten a submission for the next Tayga multi. So this one would have to be after that………..


Anonymous asked:

Can you please put a link on your blog to read all The Tutor chapters? xx

Ummm….yeah sure! I’ll have it up by tomorrow I’m not sure how long it will take since one (or more) chapters is on my other blog. But i will!! Keep checkingggg <3 haha


Anonymous asked:

When will you post a tayga multi? Just wondering not meaning to rush :)

ahh I’m not exactly sure just yet. I will start when I am finished with The Tutor :)

Love Me Love Me Please…Wait wha?

Gaga walks into the bedroom with a small birthday cake and three lit candles on top of it. Taylor’s still asleep but only until she starts singing the birthday song. He wakes up and a cheesy smile crosses his face as he sits up and leans against the headboard.

“Happy birthday dear Taylor! Happy birthday to you!”

She giggles and sits in front of him.

“What is this?!”

Taylor asks and Gaga shrugs.

“Your first birthday present of course!”

She responds and Taylor chuckles.

“Soooo am I turning three?”

He asks and Gaga sticks her tongue out.

“I thought we had more candles but this is all we had so I suppose you are.”

She responds.

“Hurry make a wish before they burn out!”

Gaga giggles. Taylor sighs.

“I already have what I want sitting right in front of me.”

He blows the candles out and the sentence makes Gaga blush.

“Okay get dressed we’re going out!”

She smiles widely and Taylor laughs.

“What? No cake?”

He asks with his arms out wide. Gaga shakes her head.

“It’s not real I burnt the real one.”

She laughs and rubs away the icing revealing a cardboard cylinder. Taylor starts laughing hysterically and crawls out of bed.

“Really?! You! Stefani Germanotta burnt something while cooking?!”

He speaks dramatically and puts his hand on her forehead.

“Are you okay?!”

He shouts and Gaga slaps his hand away.

“I’m fine asshole!”

She laughs.

“Hey! No name calling on my birthday!”

He smirks and Gaga stands. She kisses him and grins.

“You’re right. I should make that up to you later.”

She says and Taylor wraps his arms around her waist connecting his hands together and resting them just above her ass.

“Well that sounds like a grand idea.”

He says and Gaga nods.

“Go get ready pretty boy. We’ve got a bigger day ahead of us first.”

Gaga is sitting on a drunk Taylor’s lap, while she herself is half past drunk, whispering naughty nothings in his ear making him laugh.

“Hey. You still owe me for earlier.”

Taylor winks and Gaga gasps.

“Ohhhh!! That’s right!!”

She gets up and struts away leaving a confused Taylor behind on the couch alone in the VIP room. Gaga walks to a stripper and holds up two one hundred dollar bills.

“Can my boyfriend get a lap dance babe?”

She asks and the woman takes the money.

“Lead the way sweetheart.”

She smirks. Gaga turns and starts walking back towards the room with the stripper following closely behind. Gaga opens the door and sees Taylor smiling at her.

“I’ve got a surprise for you baby.”

She says.

“Oh yeah?”

Taylor perks up with a smirk. Gaga nods and moves out of the way revealing the gorgeous, brunette, skinny girl with a fat ass standing there wearing a tight t-shirt, jeans, and killer heels.

“What’s this?”

Taylor asks trying not to look to interested to remain loyal to his girl. Gaga shrugs.

“My way of making that comment up to you. Go ahead. Enjoy yourself pretty boy. I’m not gonna get jealous. Just remember you can’t fuck her. She’s no hooker.”

Gaga winks as the woman starts walking into the room swaying her hips so much that Taylor has to follow them with his entire head to keep up. Gaga sits on the opposite couch, sips her Jameson and watches as the woman starts dancing sexily on Taylor’s lap. The woman slowly takes her shirt off revealing that she’s only got small pasties covering her nipples. She turns around and shoves her tits in Taylor’s face motor-boating him as she grinds her ass all around his lap. Gaga slams her glass down filled with jealousy and rage. She pulls the girl off of Taylor and tells her he’s had enough. The woman smirks and leaves the room. Taylor pouts and Gaga sits on his lap making sure her legs are spread enough for him to see her thong under her dress. He laughs as Gaga begins grinding her hips just like she watched the stripper do seconds before. Taylor sighs and looks her up and down as she pulls her dress up and then off of her body throwing it across the room.

“Oh now this is better than a stripper.”

He smirks as he notices she’s not wearing a bra OR pastries. Her tits are on full display just for him. Gaga giggles and grinds her way backwards off of his lap and turns around. Taylor gasps and stares at her major, major ass and she sits back down on his lap swaying her ass side to side. He tries to touch her ass but she quickly slaps his hands away and shakes her head.

“Treat me like the stripper. You’re not allowed to touch them. You’re not allowed to touch me yet baby.” She whispers. Gaga stands and turns to face him. She starts sexily dancing to the beat of the music that fills the club and sits back down on his lap. She straddles him and locks her ankles together behind his back. Gaga licks her lips and lies backwards until her head is hovering above the floor between Taylor’s legs. She manages to continue grinding her hips and puts her hands right on top of her vagaga. Taylor sighs and watches as she feels her way up her own body until she reaches her breasts. Gaga squeezes them and sighs before slowly, oh ever so slowly, yet painfully for Taylor, sits up. She grins and grinds her ass on Taylor’s lap until he can’t take it anymore. Taylor puts his hands on Gaga’s back and forces her against him. Her face remains two centimeters from his.

“You’re not a stripper. I’ll touch you all I want.”

Taylor says and kisses her with all the passion in the world. Gaga kisses him back and smirks.

“Touch me touch me don’t be sweet.”


Anonymous asked:

What's the tayga fic about?

its Taylor’s bday and they are in Russia at a strip club. Gaga hires a stripper to give T a lap dance but gets jealous and finishes herself

The Tutor - Chapter 6

I slowly wake up and hear my sister screaming my name in the distance. But as my vision becomes clearer and my hearing comes to normal I realize that she’s hovering above me shaking me.

“Stefani wake up!”

She screams making me jump up butting my head against hers. Natali falls backwards and rolls off the couch.


I whine as we both hold onto our heads.

“What’s going on?”

I ask on full alert mode.

“I couldn’t wake you up! I almost called 911! Are you okay?!”

She asks frantically. I quickly nod and sit up pulling her into my arms realizing she’s about to cry.

“I’m fine Nat! I’m fine! Don’t cry sis!”

I say. Natali hugs me tightly.

“I thought you were dead! You always wake up so easily it’s never taken me this long!”

She rants. I shake my head and push her away forcing her to look at me.

“I’m okay Nat! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you!”

I say. Natali nods slowly and wipes the tears that managed to form in her eyes. My father walks into the house but he doesn’t shut the door. Instead he semi-closes it and looks at me with worry staining his eyes.

“Dad I’m fine.”

I say but he merely shakes his head.

“There’s someone here that insists she won’t go away until you talk to her. I think you should.”

He says. I scoff and look at Natali who starts handing me my homework that she gathered from my teachers.

“Thanks Nat. And dad if it’s Tara I don’t want to see her, hear her or even breathe the same air as her ever again.”

I respond and pull a pencil out of my backpack. I look down at my Geometry assignment and start trying to work out the first problem.

“Stefani…you really need to talk to her. Something happened.”

He says. I look up from my paper and see my worried father standing there. The look in his eyes tells me something is really wrong with this situation. I stand up from the couch and put my homework and pencil down onto the coffee table. My heart speeds up as I walk towards the door. My father steps aside and opens it allowing me to see the back of Tara’s head. I walk outside behind her and fold my arms when I hear the door shut behind me. No words are spoken and Tara doesn’t move a muscle until a small cry forces her body to shake.


I whisper. She slowly turns around and I gasp at the sight. Both of her eyes are black, she’s got small bruises scattered on her face and a couple on her neck. Her forehead has fresh cuts on it and her wrists are obviously cut as well. I have to try extra hard to keep my jaw from dropping open. It takes me a minute of looking her up and down before I realize that I need to say something…anything.

“Tara…what happened?”

I whisper and she shrugs.

“This is what happens when I get into trouble at school. Any kind of trouble.”

She shakily responds. I have no time to think about the hatred I had for this girl earlier today. I grab her hand gently, making sure she has no cuts on it, and pull her inside. We quickly walk past my dad and Natali and I take her upstairs into my room.

“Sit here and wait okay?”

I speak softly. Tara nods and sits on my bed. I run into the bathroom and grab a washcloth. I wet it and grab the first aid kit before running back into the bedroom. I sit on the bed beside Tara and I grab one of her wrists. As I start cleaning the cuts she whines in pain and tries to pull away.

“I know it hurts…but you have to trust me. You need stitches…I know how to do them.”

I whisper. Tara’s eyes grow wide but she squeezes them shut and I start stitching her wrists and the cut on her forehead. She cries from start to finish but I hug her until she stops. Once she’s quiet again I wrap her stitched wrists with gauze and then close the first aid kit. I look at Tara. She looks broken and..well..abused obviously.

“Tara who did this to you?”

I manage to ask and she shrugs.

“My mom and dad kind of took turns.”

She speaks almost inaudibly. This pisses me off. What kind of parent does this their kid? Ugh and to the girl that I bullied endlessly and then wouldn’t forgive her for getting me back. I feel like utter shit right now. Though I’m sure Tara feels worse. I stand up and walk to my dresser. I pull out some comfortable pajamas and hand them to her.

“You look like you’re about my size if not a little bit skinnier.”

I say.

“I will not let you go home tonight. I’ll be right back.”

Tara nods and I leave my bedroom gently shutting the door behind me. I run downstairs and find my dad in the kitchen cooking dinner.

“I wanna take Tara in.”

I blurt out making him nearly drop the pan. He puts it onto the stove and turns to me.

“Take her in? As in living with us?”

He asks and I nod.

“She can’t go home dad! Her parents did that to her!”

I beg. My father’s expression turns from surprised to angry in a matter of milliseconds.

“Her parents?!”

He nearly shouts. I shush him and tell him to lower his voice so that he doesn’t hear.

“She can stay here. But you two aren’t going to school for the rest of the week. I don’t want her parents showing up there trying to find her.”

I nod in agreement and hug my father tightly.

“Thank you so much dad!”

I say and run back to my room. I find Tara still sitting where I left her only this time wearing the pajamas I gave her.

“Okay. It’s all set. You’re gonna stay with me. And we’re not going to school for the rest of the week so that your parents cant go to the school and find you.”

I say. Tara takes a moment to let the information sink in.

“So basically I’m under a form of witness protection program.”

She mumbles. I nod and sit next to her.

“Yeah. Something like that. I’m so sorry this happened. It’s all my fault.”

I say. “Why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden?”

She asks. I dreaded that question. I’m not sure how to even answer it so I just say what comes to mind.

“Because. I may be a bitch at normal times. And I may not be the most forgiving person. But I’m not completely a bad person. I do have feelings and I do have a heart. And I know for a fact that you don’t deserve what you just went through.”

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