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Cool Down - Chapter 6

Stefani sighs and walks into the house and goes straight to her room. The thoughts of what Taylor said to her are running through her mind but she takes a deep breath and tries to ignore them. She doesn’t want to think about that right now as she has a job to do. Stefani grabs her waitressing uniform and puts it on before walking into the living room just as Natali walks in.

“Hey Nat.”

She smiles and Natali returns the favor.

“Hey. Bo’s outside waiting for you.”

She replies and Stefani nods.

“Thanks. Mom and dad are working late again tonight. I get off at ten if you need me just call alright?”

“Okay. Dinner alone again tonight. See you later.”

Stefani hands her sister two twenty dollar bills and tells her to order something from her favorite restaurant before saying goodbye and walking out of the door.

“Hey stranger!”

Bo shouts and gives her a quick hug. They start walking down the sidewalk towards the restaurant they work at together.

“I sure hope Gladys isn’t there again.”

Stefani groans.

“Ah she’s not that bad.”

Bo replies and Stefani looks at her as if she’s lost her mind.

“Seriously? She sits at my table purposely all the time and complains nonstop about how much she hates politics when I’m pretty sure she’s the most political person I know.”

Bo laughs and shakes her head.

“She’s old and confused. If you want I’ll take over her table tonight. In return for one thing.”

She says stopping the brunette. Stefani looks at her confusedly and nods.

“Okay. Shoot.”

“Tell me why you’re avoiding Taylor.”

She respond and Stefani sighs.

“What would you do if you were me Bo?”

She asks before explaining everything that happened between them to her best friend. Bo listens closely with an open mind and nods as she finishes her rant.

“You wanna know what I would do? I would listen to my heart and at least give him a chance to make it up to me. Why? Because it’s obvious that he’s so in love with you that he won’t give up on you.”

She replies. Stefani takes a deep breath and the two start walking again to ensure that they aren’t late.

“I understand what you mean. But I don’t know if I can forgive him for lying to me.”

“Technically he didn’t lie to you. He just didn’t tell you everything about him yet. He was scared to.”

“That doesn’t make it right.”

She responds and her friend nods.

“You’re right. It doesn’t make it right. But it shows that he actually has a heart. And that he does know right from wrong.”

Stefani knows that she has a very valid and true point but she still isn’t quite sure whether or not she wants to forgive him. Maybe it’s just going to take a little bit to get her mind straight. She also knows that after all of this, her parents are going to be even more hard on him if she ever learns to bring him back into her heart and her life. Well, if she were to be honest, he still is in her heart and he always will be.

“Let’s just get this night over with okay?”

Twenty minutes before her shift ends, Gladys walks into the restaurant and sits at her usual table.


Stefani whines and her friend laughs.

“Okay you take over table 12 for me and I’ll take over Gladys’ table. Deal?”

She asks. Stefani turns and looks at the man sitting at the table, back facing her direction.

“Yeah sure. He seems calm enough.”

She says and walks towards him. Bo smirks evilly behind her back and walks to Gladys.

“Hey Gladys! How are you today honey?”

She asks and the elderly woman scoffs.

“You know…I really hate politics!”

“I know honey. What can I get you?”

Stefani walks to the table looking down at her notepad and pulls a pen out of her pocket.

“Hello sir. What can I get you today?”

She asks and Taylor looks up at her.

“A conversation would be nice…hopefully.”

He says and she gasps. Stefani looks at him and rolls her eyes.

“Bo! I’m gonna kill her later.”

“Can you please just at least talk to me Stef? I am so sorry about what happened and I-”

Stefani holds a hand up to stop him and shakes her head.

“Look I have work to do.”

She says and starts walking away but he gently grabs her wrist, pulls her back and manages to make her sit down across from him.


She whispers loudly.

“Bo said she’d get you off early you’re fine. I need to talk to you Stefani. I feel so bad for putting you through that but I never meant to hurt you and I know-”

“You’ve already given me this speech Taylor.”

She says and he balls his fists up on the table.

“Then what is it going to take to convince you that I’m sorry and to give me another chance?!”

He nearly shouts. Stefani shrugs and looks around for her friend. When she spots her, Bo is staring back and mouthing to try to forgive him and move on. Taylor grabs her chin gently and turns her head to make her look at him.

“Can we start over maybe? Just start it all over. And have nothing but honesty from now on. Because being away from you is killing me and I’d rather die than be forced to live without you Stefani Germanotta.”

He says and lets go of her. She looks him in the eyes and can, somehow, tell that he’s being honest with her this time. What he says is true, sincere, and full of love. This melts her heart and she looks down at her hands. Taylor reaches his hand out and opens it as if to silently ask her to be his girlfriend again. He patiently waits with his hand sitting there for her to contemplate the decision. A tear rolls down her cheek as she slowly moves her hand to his and holds it. He sighs with relief and gently squeezes her hand using his free hand to wipe the tear from her face grateful that she’s finally going to give him the final chance that he needs to prove his love to her and her family.

Cool Down - Chapter 5

Taylor walks in the hallway towards his first class praying that Stefani comes today. College classes are, of course, optional for her as she’s only sixteen but he still hopes that she’ll come. He really needs to talk to her. Walking into the classroom, he looks at her seat and is relieved to see the brunette sitting there looking down at her open textbook focused on writing another essay. Taylor walks to his seat and sits down. He sees her hesitate while writing when she notices his presence and takes a deep breath.


He says. She hesitates again but continues writing clearly deciding to ignore him.

“Come on…please talk to me?”

Begging in a low voice obviously doesn’t help the situation much. She looks up at him with envious eyes, shakes her head, and looks back down at her book. Taylor watches as she flips the page and skims through the text. Grabbing a piece of paper from his bag, he turns around and starts writing a note to her. Even though she’s sitting right next to him he knows that a note is going to be his best chances of getting her to talk to him again.

-Please, I know you hate me right now. But please just at lease give me the chance to explain to you what all that was about. Please? If you want to let me explain, meet me at the spot we always met at after school.-

Taylor folds the paper in half and slips it onto her desk. He hears an irritated sigh from the teen and prays that she’ll at least read it and consider it. Stefani waits about two minutes before rolling her eyes and picking up the paper. She opens and reads it. Taylor watches her blank expression and she begins tearing up the note into shreds in an angry fury. He feels like his heart is being torn into a million pieces watching her do that. The door to the classroom opens and the principal walks in.

“Stefani Germanotta. Your schedule change request has been approved. Come with me please and we’ll get you to your new class.”

She says and Stefani stands. She looks at Taylor and he looks her in her eyes. It’s obvious she’s more hurt than anything as she throws the shreds of the note at him. Paper falls all over the desk, himself, and the floor.

“Fuck you Taylor.”

She mumbles before following the principal out of the room. Once the door closes every person in the room, including the teacher, turns to look at him with curiosity.

“Don’t you have better things to be doing than staring at people?”

He snaps and the teacher points to the door indicating for him to leave. Taylor grabs his books and his bag and storms out of the class. He punches a nearby locker and walks to his dorm to wait for his next class.

Taylor waits by the tree that he and Stefani always met at in hopes that she’ll meet him there. He thinks about how she changed every single class that she had with him just to get away from him. Sitting in the grass, Taylor watches the people leaving campus and running around with their friends. He’s sure he is, undoubtedly, the loneliest person on campus right now. Finally, and shockingly, Stefani slowly walks up to him with her arms folded and her expression full of pain. Taylor shoots up and looks at her in shock. He really didn’t expect her to come after tearing up his note this morning.


He says and she sighs.


Taylor looks around again thinking that the moment is more awkward than he thought it would be and Stefani starts to get impatient.

“You said you wanted to explain yourself. You have five minutes.”

“Look. The things I said about you and me were all true. I swear. I never meant to hurt you Stefani.”

He begins but she cuts him off.

“What about those other innocent people you hurt? Huh? What about them Taylor? Did you give them the same little speech?”

She asks and he shakes his head.

“They were not innocent Stefani. They jumped my best friend. Actually one of them killed my friend. But the law didn’t catch up with them and so I took the law into my own hands. It was stupid sure. I don’t regret what I did to them because they deserved it. But I guess I should’ve told you sooner and I’m so sorry that I didn’t.”

What he says shocks her and she wants so badly in her heart to believe him but she doesn’t know if she can. She doesn’t know what was a lie and what was true anymore. She knows he loved her. But she feels betrayed and hurt and scared that if she stays with him that she might wind up just like those people.

“I don’t know if I can believe you let alone forgive you Taylor. If you would’ve told me this from the beginning I might have been more understanding. But now that I heard the other stories…I just can’t believe you right now and I’m sorry because I want to I really do. But I can’t.”

She replies with tears rolling down her face. Taylor reaches up to wipe her tears, seeing her sad hurts his heart, but she moves away not allowing him and sighs.

“I have to go or my parents will worry.”

Stefani whispers before turning around and walking to the bus that comes to pick her up regularly. Taylor falls down to his knees and puts his face in his hands. He feels extremely frustrated and confused. Nothing he does seems to be working. He tells the truth like people tell him to do but once again the truth fails. And they wonder why he lies.

Too Cute

Tara walks into the hotel room she is sharing with Gaga and looks around.


She says and walks into the bedroom where she finds her girlfriend lying on the bed still soundly sleeping. The brunette walks to her and leans down planting small kisses all over her face. Gaga giggles and opens her eyes.

“Heyyyy you weren’t asleep!”

Tara laughs and Gaga shakes her head.

“No! I just love when you do that.”

She replies and pulls Tara down on top of her. She gasps and smiles at Gaga.

“Well hello.”

She says and Gaga gives her a peck on the lips.


“I think we should turn that into a proper kiss.”

Tara whispers to her while looking into her hazel eyes. Gaga giggles and rests her hand on Tara’s cheek before connecting their lips gently. The two close their eyes and kiss passionately. Gaga’s tongue pokes Tara’s lips as if to ask for entry and she opens her mouth allowing it. Their tongues begin fighting for dominance as the kiss begins to get more heated. Once the two finally break the kiss to breathe Tara feels like her eye’s turned into the shape of a heart. Gaga’s heart is racing and she grabs Tara’s hand putting it onto her chest.

“My heart beats for you. If it stops beating…then you must’ve been gone.”

She whispers and Tara blushes.

“Then I suppose your heart will never stop beating because I am never going to leave you.”

She replies. Gaga giggles and kisses her cheeks. Tara stands up and smiles widely.

“We need to get to your meeting baby. You’re late.”

She says. Gaga whines and slowly crawls out of bed. She looks like a zombie and her hair is a mess but Tara still finds her cute.

“I swear you could wear anything at all and look like anything at all and you would still be the most adorable person I have ever seen in my life.”

“Oh don’t flatter me before a meeting because then I can’t fuck you.”

Gaga winks and walks to the bathroom swaying her hips making Tara sigh and mumble,

“Dat ass.”

“Heard that!”

Gaga shouts and Tara laughs. She walks to the kitchen area of the hotel and makes some coffee knowing that Gaga’s gonna need it to stay awake during the meeting. For some odd reason Gaga has always found the Haus meetings exceedingly boring because all they ever want to talk about is what she’s doing wrong and what she could be doing better rather than her actually being able to pitch her new ideas for new albums and new costumes etc. Gaga finally walks back out of the restroom and into the kitchen wearing a really mini miniskirt and a bra.

“You know. I love that you’re not afraid to wear your underclothes as your outfits no matter where you go.”

Tara laughs and Gaga shrugs.

“it’s too hot for clothes today.”

“It’s like 45 degrees outside.”

She says.

“To me that’s hot.”

“You sure it’s not just you?”

Tara jokes and Gaga punches her arm.


She whines.

“Oh you big baby did I hurt you?”

She asks pouting her bottom lip. Tara smiles and kisses her.

“Let’s just go.”

Gaga nods and holds Tara’s hand intertwining their fingers and grabs her coffee cup. The two leave the hotel and walk towards the meeting.

“Thank God that’s over!”

Gaga shouts when they walk back into the hotel again.

“Oh come on it wasn’t that bad!”

Tara laughs and kisses her cheek. Gaga shrugs and stands in front of her. She gently pushes her against the door and leans against her.

“You’re right. You were there so no, it wasn’t that bad.”

She smiles and holds both of Tara’s hands in hers.

“Someone’s feeling lovey today.”

Tara replies and kisses Gaga with all of the passion that she can find in herself.

“I’m tired.”

Gaga says and puts her head on Tara’s chest. She picks Gaga up and carries her into the bedroom. The blonde woman blushes as Tara gently puts her into bed and crawls in next to her. She pulls the blankets up to cover them and scoots as close to Gaga as she can. They spend countless minutes staring into one another’s eyes with smiles plastered on their faces. Tara rests her hand on her girlfriend’s cheek and gently rubs it with her thumb. The silence isn’t awkward and it’s not boring. It’s love. Gaga pulls in a deep breath and feels the air filling her lungs.

“How did I get so lucky?”

Tara asks finally breaking the silence.

“I don’t know. How did you get so lucky?”

Gaga responds jokingly. Tara giggles and moves her head closer putting their foreheads together.

“I love you. More than anything in the world Stefani.”

She whispers.

“I love you too Tara.”

She kisses Gaga one last time and before pulling her into her arms and holding her until she falls asleep.

The most adorable and powerful woman I’ve ever seen. And you’re all mine.

Tara thinks before falling asleep with Gaga in her arms and a smile on her face.

Cool Down - Chapter 4

“Joe she hasn’t came out of her room in nearly two days. You need to talk to her.”

Cynthia repeats the same statement she has been saying for the past two hours. Joe takes a deep breath and nods.

“I know. But I don’t know what to say. She’s being dramatic! He’s no good so I don’t understand why she’s being so down about it.”

He says and Cynthia takes a deep breath to keep herself from exploding at him.

“Taylor broke her heart. Regardless of what he did it affected her because she loved him Joe. Whether we like it or not she loved that boy and he hurt her and now you need to talk to her because she won’t listen to me or Natali.”

She says and he looks at her for a moment before responding.

“He’s a man. 21 years old. She’s 16. And I’m supposed to condone that?”

With that he walks upstairs to Stefani’s room and knocks on her door. He pauses but knocks again when he gets no response.

“Stefani…come on open up.”

He says. Finally, he hears the door being unlocked, then it opens. Joe walks into the room, closing the door behind him. He looks at his daughter who is already sitting on her bed with her laptop on her lap.

“What are you doing?”

Joe asks as he sits at the end of her bed.


She simply responds as she begins typing in a frenzy. Her father takes a deep breath before gently pulling the laptop away from her and setting it aside.

“Stefani we need to talk about Taylor.”

He says.

“There’s nothing to talk about. He’s a douche and I’m an idiot.”

She replies and reaches for her laptop but Joe pushes it away again. Stefani huffs and looks at him.

“You are far from being an idiot Stefani you know that.”

“Well he’s still a douche.”

Joe laughs a little and nods.

“Okay I’ll let that slide since I agree.”

The attempted humor must have work as it earned a smile from Stefani. She looks down at her hands then back up at Joe.

“I just…I thought I knew him. I felt like he told me the truth. That he really did love me.”

She says.

“Well. I hate to say it but maybe he did. Love works in mysterious ways Stefani. He should’ve been more honest with you. But it’s okay now because I promise you I will never ever let him hurt you again.”

Suddenly, Stefani bursts into tears and lunges forward throwing her arms around her father hugging him tight.

“Hold me…”

She whispers in between sobs. Joe pulls the teen onto his lap and holds her tight comforting her. … Taylor paces back and forth in his apartment. He’s been trying to get Stefani to message him or at least return his calls for two days. Throwing things around, breaking glasses and plates, nothing seems to be able to cure the hatred he has for himself right now. He didn’t even get to explain to her what happened between him and those people that he hurt. The only thing that can cure his hatred for himself right now is the forgiveness of the girl he loves most. And as of right now it doesnt seem like that’s going to happen.


He shouts and throws another plate across the room making it hit the opposite wall so hard that it shatters into many little pieces without leaving behind a large enough one to glue it back together. Taylor sinks to the floor and puts his face in his hands. He needs to devise a plan to win her back. And if he can’t win her back…he needs to be able to at least explain to her what happened. He knows he needs to tell her the truth. But he did tell the truth in their classes. Some things are left unexplainable. But he needs to figure out how to explain everything to the love of his life.

“Good to finally see you out of your room Stef.”

Cynthia smiles and Stefani returns the favor before sitting down at the table with her family.

“You made spaghetti!”

She smiles when Joe brings the bowl of pasta to the table.

“Of course I did! My baby is heartbroken why not cure it with my famous meal?”

They laugh and Stefani grabs the fork putting a bunch of it onto her plate and looks around at the others who are staring at her with wide eyes.

“Oh I’m sorry! Did you guys want any?”

She asks with a laugh and Natali takes the bowl from her.

“Ha ha very funny!”  


I know this chapter is short and kind of boring. But I promise the next chapter will be more exciting :) 

(Action wise)

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