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I Need You More Than Dope - Chapter 13

Gaga stares at the building in front of her in fear. Even though Taylor is going to be with her she isn’t sure that she can do it. Taylor walks to Gaga and wraps an arm around her pulling her close to him. He knows that she’s scared and having second thoughts but they’ve gotten this far and he doesn’t want to let her back out of it now.

“Do I have to…?”

She asks and Taylor gives a small smile.

“You kind of do yes.”

He replies and Gaga takes a deep breath.

“Okay. Then let’s do it.”

She says and the two walk into the building. It’s set up almost like the last one but the chairs aren’t made of metal. They are comfortable-looking cushioned chairs. People are walking around, some in circles, freely and Gaga feels a less tense vibe in the air. A young lady walks in wearing a nice outfit with a big smile slapped onto her face. She walks straight up to the couple and Taylor instantly knows it’s Carol.

“Hi it’s so nice to meet you I’m Carol.”

She says holding out her hand. Taylor shakes it and smiles.

“I’m Taylor. This is Stefani.”

He says and Gaga shakes hands with the woman as well. She can’t, however, force herself to smile. She still doesn’t want to be there and Carol can obviously sense that.

“Don’t worry Stefani. This isn’t a group where I force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

She smiles and Gaga scoffs.

“Then let’s go Tay.”

She says turning to her now frowning boyfriend. Gaga looks down.


She mumbles and Carol shakes her head.

“Don’t worry about it. Though that’s not entirely what I meant by not forcing you to do anything you don’t want to.”

She giggles and holds a hand out towards the chairs.

“Have a seat anywhere you’d like.”

Carol smiles and the two go to the circle of chairs and choose to sit in the farthest two chairs from where Carol sits. She claps her hands and looks around.

“Okay everyone! Come sit down please it’s time to begin!”

She nearly squeaks her voice is so high pitched making Gaga giggle a little. Taylor lightly smacks her thigh making her instantly cough a little to contain her laughter and apologize in a whisper. Gaga watches as everyone in the room walks to their seats and waits for Carol to sit as well. She does and then points to Taylor and Gaga.

“Please welcome our newest member Stefani. Her boyfriend Taylor is here as well.”

She smiles and Gaga blushes in nervousness as everyone slowly looks at her.

“Today we’re going to do something a little different since we have a new member. We’re going to go around and everyone is going to talk about a little part of their story of addiction. Tell us what happened in your life that made you decide to come here and seek help.”

She says and points at a person sitting to the right of her. Gaga is thankful that they chose the last seats.

“M-my n-name i-is S-Sarah. I-I’ve b-been a-a d-drug a-addict f-for t-ten y-years. R-recently I-I l-lost m-my l-little b-baby g-girl. I-I w-was d-driving w-while I-I w-was h-high a-and g-got p-pulled o-over. I-I w-was a-arrested a-and t-they t-took m-my b-baby g-girl f-from m-me. S-so I-I p-promised h-her t-that I-I w-would g-get h-help f-for h-her.”

The woman explains stuttering.

(A/N: in case you can’t read that: “My name is Sarah. I’ve been a drug addict for ten years. Recently I lost my little baby girl. I was driving while I was high and got pulled over. I was arrested and they took my baby girl from me. So I promised her that I would get help for her.”)

Gaga watches as the woman begins to cry and Carol hands her a tissue and gives her a quick hug before allowing the next person to go.

“Hi my name is Bobby. I have been addicted to meth for five years. My wife decided to leave me because she couldn’t handle helping me or bailing me out of jail anymore. I loved my wife. She’s my soul mate. I promised her I would get help and try to win her back.”

The man says scratching at his face. Gaga thinks about how she could be in that position if she keeps doing drugs. Taylor might up and leave her someday unable to take care of her anymore. Taylor watches Gaga’s expressions as each person tells their story. She gets sadder with each one and Taylor knows she’s really paying attention.


Carol says bringing them both back to reality and out of their thoughts. It’s her turn but she doesn’t know how to tell her story.

“Can I…tell mine next time please? I don’t think I’m ready yet…”

She whispers with tears in her eyes. Carol nods with a smile.

“Of course.”

She says and they skip her turn going to the person beside her.

“Hi my name is Julia. I’ve been addicted to cocaine and weed for three years. I…I went to buy drugs from this guy in a bar while I was in New York about three weeks ago…”

The woman trails off and Gaga’s full attention is on her. She watches in horror as the woman breaks out into tears. The story so far is sounding all too familiar.

“I-I was trying to buy them…but I think the guy drugged me or something…and he…he…”

She tries to choke it out and Gaga grabs her hand and squeezes it tightly.

“He raped you…didn’t he?”

Gaga whispers ever so quietly and the woman nods in fear squeezing Gaga’s hand as well.

“How did you know that?”

Carol asks and Gaga looks the woman in the eyes.

“His name was Jay wasn’t it?”

She asks and the woman nods. Again, Carol asks how Gaga knew this and she looks up at Carol.

“Because the same thing happened to me.”

She replies. The woman gets up and runs out of the room. Gaga stands and grabs Taylor’s hand as well.

“We need to go now. I have to get ready for something. Thank you so much Carol. Thanks to all of you actually. You’ve opened my eyes to something very important.”

Gaga says and Carol gives a smile. They say goodbye and leave the building. As soon as they get into the back of the Suburban that Ed brought Gaga begins sobbing.

“I’ll stop Taylor. I’ll stop.”

She says and Taylor hugs her close. He can’t stop thinking about Julia and how Jay did the same thing to her that he did to Gaga. If that asshole thinks he’s getting away with this then he better think again.

Fear and Happiness

Pam follows Gaga through the house as she stumbles to pack. Her enlarged belly is making it difficult for her to do things on her own. Taylor watches as well wanting desperately to help. But Gaga is very independent and insists on doing it herself.

“Come on I really think you should stay here!”

Pam pleads but Gaga shakes her head.

“I really can’t Pam! I need to be at home with Taylor.”

She says but the woman is not going to give up easily.

“But Stefani think about this! You’re in the last few weeks of your pregnancy! Don’t you want to spend them with the baby’s family?”

She asks and Gaga sighs.

“You’re not the only family he has.”

She says.

“Mom just let it go alright?”

Taylor says taking his mother’s hands into his own. She jerks them away and frowns turning back to Gaga.

“You have to stay here! Taylor can stay too!”

She pleads but Gaga isn’t giving up either.

“No way Pam! I would honestly feel more comfortable if I was at Taylor’s house.”

She says and grabs her bag. Taylor grabs Gaga’s free hand and walks towards the door. Pam runs around them and blocks the doorway.

“Absolutely not! Just think about it please! Stay one more night!”

She shouts and Gaga lets go of Taylor’s hand and places it on her pregnant belly as if to protect it.

“Look mom you’re scaring her. I know you just want what’s best for the baby but fear is not a good way to protect it.”

He says. Pam shakes her head in protest and is about to speak out when Gaga lets out a cry of pain and drops her bag to the floor. Taylor and Pam focus their attention on her.

“Stefani…what’s wrong what is it?”

Taylor asks walking to her.

“I don’t know- AH! It feels like…contractions!”

She cries and puts both hands on her belly.

“This is normal since it’s close to birth.”

He says trying to calm Gaga down but she shakes her head.

“I don’t think that is very normal!”

She shouts and Taylor looks down to see liquid dripping to the floor.

“Her water just broke!”

Pam shouts and Gaga nods.

“No shit! Thanks I would have never known!”

She screams and Taylor grabs his keys.

“We have to get her to the hospital.”

He says but Pam stays in front of the door.

“No! She needs to have the baby here!”

Pam shouts and Gaga looks at her angrily.

“Pam I swear if you don’t move out of the fucking way!”

She screams but the woman doesn’t move.

“This baby is coming now!”

She shouts and Taylor groans.


He shouts but she shakes her head and Gaga nods.

“Fine! It’s too late it’s coming now!”

She screams and Taylor and Pam help her walk into the bedroom. They make Gaga lie down and hold her knees up as high as she can. Taylor thanks God that she’s wearing a dress and nothing underneath. Pam walks in with an at-home birthing kit and he looks at it in horror.

“Did you fucking plan this?!”

He shouts and Pam nods. He has no time to argue as Gaga screams louder.

“Can we kill her AFTER this damn baby is born?!”

Taylor sighs.

“Okay okay! Mom could you at least call for the damn doctor?”

He asks and Pam hesitantly calls 911. Taylor puts gloves on and shouts,

“Push! Baby push okay it’s gonna be okay!”

He shouts and Gaga pushes as hard as she can screaming…and swearing in her mind. Nothing is visible to Taylor when she forces herself to stop and try her best to breathe.

“Okay push again for me baby real hard okay?!”

Taylor shouts and Gaga takes a deep breath before pushing again.


She cries and Taylor can finally see the head.

“One more baby one more! PUSH!”

He shouts and Gaga obeys without hesitation giving the longest, most painful push of them all and sobs when she hears Taylor shout that the baby is out. She waits for the crying but nothing happens.

“Taylor why isn’t he crying?!”

She asks and Taylor stares down at the baby in horror.


She screams but he can’t move or speak. The baby isn’t moving and it’s not crying. His eyes are closed and Pam stares in horror. Paramedics rush into the house and immediately put the frightened Gaga on a stretcher and wheel her out of the room.


She cries. They take the baby from Taylor and he looks at Pam.

“If our son dies it will be your fault.”

He whispers and runs to get into the ambulance. Pam shakes her head and gets into her car to follow them to the hospital.

About two hours later Taylor is holding Gaga’s hand waiting for her to wake up from her surgery. Pam is waiting in the corner of the room feeling guilty for making her have the baby at home. Both the baby AND Gaga could have died. Gaga finally wakes up and begins crying again when she sees Taylor and no baby.

“Taylor where is he. Tell me he’s okay.”

She whispers and Taylor nods quickly. Pam leaves the room.

“He’s okay baby. He’s okay. He was low on oxygen the umbilical cord got wrapped around his throat. The doctor’s helped him and he’s okay now.”

Taylor says and Gaga cries in relief. Pam returns with the little baby boy in her arms and hands him to Gaga.

“He has your eyes Stefani.”

She says and Gaga smiles still crying. Only this time they are tears of joy. Taylor kisses Gaga’s forehead and smiles down at the sleeping baby.

“He’s our little bundle of joy.”

I Need You More Than Dope - Chapter 12

The next morning Taylor is awoken by the alarm clock ringing in a loud, annoying manner. He groans and smacks it to make it shut off. Taylor rolls over and feels the opposite side of the bed for Gaga but the empty feeling makes him  open his eyes. He sits up quickly and looks around the empty room.


He says and climbs out of the bed. He walks into the bathroom but it’s empty.


He shouts and walks out to the kitchen. Taylor searches the house for Gaga but she’s not there. He picks up his phone to call her but hangs up when he sees her phone lying on the counter. Taylor sighs and thinks for a moment. It’s midnight and their plane leaves in an hour. He angrily sits on the couch facing the door and waits for Gaga to come back with a pretty good idea as to where she is.

Gaga walks to the front door of Taylor’s house not giving a fuck as to how high she may look right now. That was the best cocaine she’s ever had. She can’t help but smile at the two extra small baggies that she managed to bribe the man into giving her. Don’t ask her how she did it though. Gaga puts the baggies into the bra she was smart enough to wear this time before ever so quietly walking into the house and carefully shutting the door behind her. She hums Born This Way and turns the light on but nearly jumps out of her skin when she sees Taylor staring at her from the couch.

“Tay…what are you doing up?”

She asks and Taylor stands. He shrugs.

“Well our flight to Canada leaves in about thirty minutes. So I have no time to ask you where you’ve been so we’ll talk about it on the plane.”

He says folding his arms. Gaga rolls her eyes and walks to her suitcase. She carefully sneaks the bags into the secret compartment-like area she made and zips up the bag. She grabs it and follows Taylor out into the car that Ed and Pete are waiting by. Gaga’s shocked that she didn’t even realize they were there when she got back. Gaga watches as Ed whispers something into Taylor’s ear making him stare at her with such an angry glare that she can feel the darts shooting right at her. She secretly hopes that they didn’t see her with the bags.

As they board the plane Gaga sits in silence once again. Nobody has said a single word since they left the house. Not even Taylor who can obviously tell that Gaga is high. He’s sitting right in front of her and stares at her until the plane is in the air.

“So. Where were you?”

He asks and Gaga shrugs.

“I just went for a walk damn. Is that a crime?”

She asks sarcastically and Taylor nods.

“Yeah actually. It is if you were out buying those two bags of cocaine that you hid from me.”

He nearly shouts but makes an effort to refrain from it. There’s nobody on that plane that doesn’t know about her addiction. But he doesn’t want them to know that he’s practically scolding her either.

“Well what do you expect me to do Taylor? Quit cold turkey?”

She mumbles and Taylor shakes his head.

“Well you wouldn’t be the first one to do that but no. I don’t expect you to do that.”

He replies. “Then what is it that you do expect me to do?”

She asks.

“I expect you to put in a damn effort!”

Taylor shouts and then sighs to get himself to calm down.

“You don’t think I am?”

Gaga whispers.

“I agreed to go to that first support group and do you see how that turned out Taylor? And now I just agreed to go to another one and you don’t think I’m trying?”

She says and Taylor nods understanding what she means.

“You’re right.”

He says ashamed of what he said to her.

“I went to that bar in New York with the intention of buying drugs. But that’s not what happened. When he was…finished with me I could have taken whatever I wanted. But I walked away for you. For my fans. My family.”

Gaga rants. Taylor sighs and continues nodding until she’s finished.

“Okay. Okay I’m sorry. I over reacted.”

He says and holds his hands out. Gaga grabs them gratefully.

“I am trying Tay. But it’s hard. Not everyone can snap their fingers and quit. This is gonna take time.”

She says. Taylor feels bad knowing that it is he who is supposed to be making Gaga feel better about this situation. But right now it is she who is helping him. Taylor counts his blessings. He knows how lucky he is to have Gaga and smiles.

“We’re going to get through this together. I made you a promise and I’m going to keep it.”

Taylor says and Gaga moves to sit next to him.

“Yes we are. I believe you. Maybe this support group will work. Tonight’s show is my last one for a couple of months. We’ll have plenty of time.”

Gaga isn’t sure if she’s trying to reassure Taylor about this or herself. She still doesn’t want to go to this meeting in a couple of hours but she is sure that she needs to go and that she will go for everyone including herself. 

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I Need You More Than Dope - Chapter 11

Gaga walks into the house with Taylor following closely behind her.

“I have a show in Canada tomorrow. I’ll probably have to leave before you’re awake.”

She says and Taylor shakes his head.

“I’ll be awake.”

He replies and Gaga sighs turning to him.

“I mean like one AM early.”

Taylor nods.

“I’ll be awake because I’m going with you.”

Gaga gives a small laugh.

“No you’re not you have to shoot for Chicago Fire.”

“I told them I needed time off and that it’s an emergency.”

He says and Gaga sighs.

“I am not letting you put your career on hold because of me.”

She states. Taylor walks to her and grabs her hands pulling her closer to him.

“You’re more important to me than my job. Right now I’m focused on nothing and no one but you.”

He replies. Gaga smiles and hugs him.

“Thank you.”

She says and he kisses her forehead.

“I love you.”

Taylor smiles.

“I love you too. I’m gonna go lay down now I’m really tired.”

Gaga says and Taylor nods. They disconnect their hands and Gaga walks into the bedroom shutting the door behind her. Taylor grabs his laptop and sits on the couch. He opens it and then opens Google. He types ‘really good drug support groups in Canada’ and reads about all the ones he can find, including the reviews, all night until he believes he has found the right one. Taylor writes down the phone number and hours he can call the person who is in charge of the group. He pulls out his phone and dials the number.

“This is Carol.”

He hears a rather sweet voice but doesn’t jump to conclusions.

“Hi I have a girlfriend who is struggling with substance abuse and I was hoping that this group might be able to help her.”

He says hoping that this lady will be better than the last.

“I’m sure we can. We have very high recovery percentages. 99% of those who come here are better within weeks.”

 She replies and Taylor feels impressed.

“But there’s one thing. We’re kind of um…famous and we need to know that nobody will know that she’s there.”

He says and crosses his fingers.

“Of course! I’ll make sure personally that the word doesn’t get out. Being famous is hard enough without the media and your fans going after you about something like this.”

Carol replies making Taylor feel even better. He has a different feeling about this one.

“What is her name?”

 She asks and he takes a deep breath before responding.

 “Stefani Germanotta.”

He says and hears a small gasp.

“You mean to tell me that Lady Gaga is coming here?”

The woman whispers.


He replies simply.

“So I must be speaking to Taylor Kinney then.”

She says and Taylor chuckles.

“That’s right.”

He says.

“Okay. So our next meeting is tomorrow at noon. Can you make it? I know she has a show tomorrow night though.”

Taylor has to think for a moment. Will he be able to get Gaga there? It’s definitely worth a shot.

“I can try my best to get her there.”

He says.

“Great! So we’ll see you then. If not just give me a call and you can come the day after.”

She replies. Taylor thanks her and says goodbye before hanging up the phone. He programs the address into his phone and closes the laptop setting it onto the coffee table. Taylor knows he’s going to have a hard time getting Gaga to go to this meeting. Especially after what happened at the last one. He sighs and walks into the bedroom to find Gaga staring at him disappointedly. Taylor instantly knows that she heard the entire conversation. He sighs and climbs into the bed next to her. Taylor pulls Gaga close to him and she rests her head on his chest.

“I told you I’m not going to another one Tay.”

She says and Taylor wraps his arms around her.

“I know. But I also know that you want to get better. For your family. For your fans. For you.”

He says. Gaga knows Taylor is right. She knows that she needs to get better. But after the first support group she went to she isn’t sure she can do it.

“Can you go with me this time?”

She asks in a hushed tone. Taylor silently thanks God that she’s going to give this another shot before answering her.

“Of course I will.”

He replies and Gaga looks up at him with tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Taylor.”

She whispers desperately trying not to cry. He hugs Gaga tighter and shushes her.

“Don’t say you’re sorry for something that I could have helped you with and prevented.”

He says. Gaga closes her eyes and falls asleep within a matter of minutes. Taylor stares down at his girl and sighs. He blames himself for what she went through at that bar. And he promises himself that if he ever finds Jay, and he will, he is going to make him pay for what he did to Gaga. He’s going to make him pay and remember the lesson he will receive for the rest of his life. Taylor promises himself that and he mentally promises Gaga. For now, all he is going to do is focus on helping Gaga get better. But as soon as they get back into New York…he’s going to find Jay and make him pay. 

I Need You More Than Dope - Chapter 10

Taylor sighs and stands up. He walks around the table and grabs Gaga’s hands again.

“Please I’m asking you…no begging you to at least think about this for me.”

He says and Gaga shakes her head.

“No way! What would my fans think?!”

She shouts and Taylor pulls her closer to him.

“First of all, they promised that nobody will know about you being there. Secondly, if your fans knew what you were doing they would want you to go this afternoon.” 

Taylor replies knowing that Gaga knows he’s right. She stares at Taylor for a minute before nodding.

“Fine. I’ll go.”

She says and He smiles widely before pulling her into a hug.

“Thank you.”

He says and Gaga smiles as well.

“Can we eat first? I’m starving.”

She laughs and Taylor moves back.

“Of course. Eggs?”

He asks and Gaga nods.

“Yes please.”

She says and sighs back down at the table. Gaga watches as Taylor cooks and thinks about how she’s really lucky to have him and very grateful that he’s with her again. She was certain that if she would have went any longer without him she would be dead.

It’s time to go to the support group now and Gaga is a nervous wreck. Taylor’s driving her there but he isn’t staying with her because she asked him not to. So he’s gonna wait in the parking lot.

“I don’t know if I can do this T.”

She says obviously having second thoughts. Taylor parks and leans over to Gaga. He kisses her three times and says,

“You can do it. I know you can. Because you’re a strong woman and you don’t want your friends, family, me, or your fans to worry about you anymore.”

He says. Gaga smiles and nods.

“You always know what to say.”

Taylor chuckles and Gaga says goodbye.

“I’ll be out here if you need me okay?”

He says and she nods before getting out of the car and walking into the building. Gaga sees a circle of chairs in the middle of the room and sees many people walking around. One person is standing in the corner staring at Gaga biting her wrist. She sighs and looks at a man who is walking very slowly his head twitching extremely much. She begins to feel scared. She’s nothing like any of these people. Suddenly she hears a loud bang and turns to see a woman has walked into the room. Everyone begins running to take their seats except for the man who’s still twitching.

“Mr. Neeson! SIT DOWN!”

The woman screams and he runs to his seat.

“You must be Ms. Germanotta.”

The woman says slowly walking towards Gaga who nods.

“Please…Call me Stefani.”

She tries to give a small smile but the woman is clearly to be feared.

“This is my group. I will call you what I want to call you and that is by your title and your last name. SIT!”

She points to an empty chair and Gaga rushes to sit in it. Everyone watches in horror as the woman sits in her chair and crosses her legs. She takes a look around the room and scoffs.

“You know why we are all here. You have all screwed up. Taking drugs and popping pills. You’ve failed in life and I’m going to change that.”

She says. Gaga wonders what kind of “support” group this is and why Taylor would even dare to send her there. Suddenly the woman who was biting her arm pulls out a pill bottle and tries to open it but the lady rushes to her, snatches the bottle away from her, and slaps the girl making her yelp. Gaga nearly jumps out of her skin.

“What did I tell you girl? There’s no drugs in this room. I’m here to help you stop using them. And for this,”

she holds up the bottle,

“I’m locking you up in here for the night.”

She says and the girl nods quietly obviously terrified. Gaga sighs and the woman turns to her.

“Do you have a problem you would like to share with everyone?”

She asks and Gaga nods before standing up.

“Actually I do. This is supposed to be a support group. Not an abusive group. These people are scared of you and you actually expect them to take your advice?”

She rants. The woman has to remind herself of who she is talking to when she raises her hand. She puts it back down and gets into Gaga’s face.

“Count your blessings that you are who you are young lady. You crossed a line that nobody here would dare to cross.”

She says and Gaga pushes the lady back.

“No YOU count your blessings that I am who I am. Because what you’re doing here is far from helping.”

She says and turns to walk out of the door. The people in the room clap for her and she stomps her way out to the car. She gets in and stares at Taylor who watches her in confusion.

“What happened? You were only in there for twenty minutes.”

He says and Gaga nods.

“Yeah well that’s because her method of helping is through fear and violence.”

She replies angrily. Taylor sighs.

“What did she do?”

He asks and Gaga explains to him what she witnessed the lady doing. He listens carefully and mentally kicks himself for not checking further into this before sending Gaga in there alone.

“I’m so sorry Stef I should have looked into her sessions first.”

“I’m not doing another one of these Taylor.”

She says. Taylor opens his mouth to respond in protest but decides that it is best for him to let it go for now until he can find a better, more reliable support center for her. All he knows is that he will not give up on Gaga. Not now not ever.


Anonymous asked:

Can u pls link me ur sexy tayga fanfics ??

I Need You More Than Dope - Chapter 9

Taylor looks down at Gaga who has fallen asleep with her head on his lap. He sighs and thinks about what she told him. She was raped and he wasn’t there to protect her. He left her alone and allowed that to happen. He heard her screaming in pain and didn’t do anything but accuse her of cheating. Taylor feels like he let her down big time. Right now, sitting on this couch, Taylor swears to himself that he will never leave Gaga alone again no matter what it may happen. He swears to help her in the best way possible. Taylor grabs a phone book that is sitting on the table beside him and turns to the yellow pages. He looks around in the book until he finds a drug abuse help group. Taylor grabs his phone and saves the number and website as a new contact for when Gaga isn’t around. He knows he has to help her but also knows he has to get her signed up before telling her or she for sure won’t go. Gaga wants help and he knows that. But not the kind of help she needs. Taylor puts the phone book and his phone back down onto the table. He grabs Gaga’s hand and holds it so that he will know if she moves and closes his eyes before falling asleep as well.

Jay pushes her onto the couch and she hears his belt and then his pants dropping to the floor.


She whispers wanting him to stop.

“I’m coming baby…”

He says and Gaga feels him lie on top of her. He forces her legs apart and Gaga screaming out in pain as she feels him shove his dick inside of her.


Taylor shouts shaking Gaga. She’s been screaming in her sleep.


She cries finally awake and clings to him. Taylor holds Gaga closely and doesn’t even have to ask her what she was dreaming about. He kisses Gaga’s forehead. She’s shaking but no longer crying.

“It was a dream baby. Just a dream.”

He whispers.

“It actually happened.”

Gaga replies and Taylor nods.

“Can I take a shower please?”

She asks quietly. Taylor picks Gaga up and carries her into the bathroom before letting her down. She walks to the shower and turns the hot water on.

“I’ll get you the clothes you left last time.”

He says and turns to the door.

“Wait. Tay?”

She says and Taylor turns around and gives a small smile.


Gaga looks down acting shy and then back up at him.

“Can I…wear one of your flannels?”

She asks and Taylor nods.

“Yeah sure.”

He says and takes a towel out of the cabinet putting it near the shower before leaving the bathroom and walking to his room. Taylor grabs his red flannel and Gaga’s shorts that she left the last time and takes them into the bathroom. Gaga’s already in the shower so he just leaves the clothes beside the towel and walks out to the kitchen so that he’s far enough away from the bathroom to be on the phone without Gaga hearing him. He calls the support group leader.

“This is Charli.”

Someone answers and Taylor sighs.

“Hi um…my girlfriend is having trouble getting over her addiction to cocaine and marijuana. I was wondering if this group could help her by chance.”

He asks unsure what to say.

“Well we can most certainly try. What is her name?”

She asks and Taylor pauses.

“That’s the thing…We need to know that she’ll have absolute privacy because well…she’s famous.”

He replies and waits for the woman to respond.

“I can guarantee you what happens in this room stays in this room. Nobody outside of here will know.”

She says and Taylor breathes out a sigh of relief.

“Her name is Stefani Germanotta.”

He says.

“So who is she in the spotlight?”

The woman asks.

“Lady Gaga.”

Taylor replies.

“Alright. Well our next session is in three hours. Is that okay?”

“I’ll try to get her there today yes.”

Taylor hears a beep and looks at his phone seeing the lady hung up on him.


He whispers.


Taylor looks up and sees Gaga standing in the doorway of the kitchen. He decides it’s best to bring this up to her now so that she will have a couple of hours to think about it.

“Sit down Stef.”

He says pointing to the table and Gaga sits in one of the chairs. Taylor sits across from her and grabs her hands.

“I signed you up for a drug abuse support group.”

He says. Gaga stares at him and then begins laughing. Taylor just stares at her. She then stops laughing and a horrified look appears on her face.

“You’re not laughing.”

She chokes and Taylor shakes his head.

“I’m serious.”

He states. Gaga stares into Taylor’s eyes and can see the seriousness behind them. She takes her hands away from his quickly and stands up. Gaga begins pacing back and forth by the table.

“I can’t go to a support group! You may as well tell me to say goodbye to my fans and lock me into a mental institution I’d rather be in prison!”

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