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Cool Down - Chapter 1

Taylor sits on the steps of the school waiting for his girlfriend to arrive. He sighs and looks at his watch. School starts in five minutes and he hasn’t heard from or seen her at all that morning. She wouldn’t just not show up to school without telling him because she always shoots him a text at least if she’s not gonna make it. The bell rings and he sighs giving up. Taylor walks into the school and into his class taking his normal seat in the back of the room. He’s popular, but he doesn’t want to be popular. Girls are always throwing themselves at him and if anything it annoys him. His girlfriend is the only person who never has thrown herself at him. She’s gentle and kind and there’s something special about her that he has yet to figure out. The teacher walks into the classroom and closes the door. Taylor looks at the empty seat next to him and wonders if he should worry or not about her. Shaking the thought out of his head, he decides that maybe she just forgot to text him today. A simple mistake.

“Take out your books and start reading chapters 8 through 12. I want a five hundred word essay on my desk by tomorrow morning.”

She says. The class groans and Taylor drops his head on the table.

“I love the enthusiasm! We can increase it to a thousand if you’d like!”

He says and we all shake our heads quickly pulling out our books and opening them to the assigned chapters. About ten minutes into reading about the American Revolution the door flies open and my girlfriend practically flies in.

“I am so sorry Mr. Morgan! We got stuck in traffic this morning!”

She quickly explains. Taylor Chuckles quietly knowing that she’s his favorite student therefore he could care less what she does as long as she turns her work in on time.

“That’s quite alright Ms. Germanotta. Take your seat and read chapters 8 through 12.”

He replies with a smile. She’s the only one in the entire school that can get this teacher to smile.Stefani smiles and walks to her seat beside me. As she sits down and takes out her book she looks at Mr. Morgan again.

“What’s the assignment sir?”

She asks and he smiles yet again.

“A five hundred word essay on my desk tomorrow morning.”

He replies and she thanks him before looking over at me.

“I am soooo sorry Tay! Traffic was bad and my phone fucked up!”

She whispers and Taylor winks at her giving her the OK. She smiles and starts reading. Taylor looks her up and down a few times, almost as if he’s making sure that she’s really there or that she’s really his, before turning back to his book. By the end of the class Stefani, as usual, already has her essay finished and sitting on the teacher’s desk.

“How are you so smart?”

Taylor asks with a chuckle and Stefani shrugs.

“It’s basically just summarizing the chapters in your own words.”

She says and Taylor shakes his head.

“You make it sound a lot easier than it is.”

Stefani laughs and puts her supplies into her overly neat backpack.

“That’s because it is easy!”

She smirks. Taylor holds up an empty piece of paper.

“Easy for you to say!”

He replies and Stefani sighs.

“I guess I’ll just have to tutor you huh?”

She asks and Taylor nods.

“Yes. Yes. You will.”

At the end of the day Taylor tries hopelessly to get Stefani to stay with him just a little bit longer.

“You know I can’t Tay! I have a lot of homework today and you know how my dad is about you…”

She lowers her voice towards the end of the sentence as if it helps with the pain of knowing that her dad literally cannot stand to even look at Taylor nor hear his name.

“I know I know…Your dad hates me.”

Taylor replies and Stefani holds his hands in hers and looks into his eyes.

“Come on Tay. My dad doesn’t take you! It’s just hard to get him to like you. I mean you are dating his daughter.”

She says. Taylor sighs and kisses her cheek.

“I’ve been trying to get him to like me for a year and a half Stef. He hasn’t hated me less if anything he hates me more.”

Stefani looks down and drops her hands to her sides.

“My dad doesn’t hate you. He’s just protective.”

She says simply before turning away and getting onto the bus that has been waiting for her for the past five minutes. Taylor watches the bus until he can’t see it anymore and waits for his own bus to arrive. He pulls out his phone and texts her that he’s sorry for upsetting her and that he just wants to get her dad’s approval. Stefani doesn’t text back any time soon leaving Taylor wondering if she’s mad at him.

“Dad come on you know he’s been trying so hard for over a year to get your approval! What is it going to take?!”

Stefani shouts at her stubborn father at the dinner table. Cynthia forces her daughter to look at her and points a finger in her face.

“Don’t you dare raise your voice at this table do you hear me?”

She asks and Stefani frowns.

“Garlic breath.”

She says and Joe bangs his fists on the table making everyone around him jump in shock.

“You listen here! I don’t like Taylor and I will not like Taylor! And as far as I am concerned you will not date Taylor and you will not talk to Taylor. As for your attitude at the dinner table and towards your mother you can go to your room!”

He shouts.

“You just yelled too I’m not having an attitude!”

Stefani shouts and Joe stands up abruptly. He grabs her wrist and pulls her out of her seat. Stefani whines as he drags her to what is known as the ‘cool down room’. Joe pulls her into the room and makes her sit on the bed.

“You can come out when I let you out! I don’t like your attitude nor do I like the disrespect shown to your mother and I!”

With that he leaves the room and shuts the door behind him. Stefani listens as he locks the door and she begins to cry. The room has nothing but a bed in it. She forgets about the phone in her pocket and curls into a ball on the bed wishing that her parents would just give Taylor a chance.

The Tutor - Chapter 12

[Tara’s POV]

I pace back and forth in the hospital hoping, no praying, that Stefani and her strong self will pull through this. Earlier the doctor’s told us they were able to get her to breathe again but that they were going to have to pump all of the fluids out of her stomach. They told us she had about a one in one hundred chance of survival. Natali is curled into her seat sleeping after about two hours of crying, Cynthia is being comforted by Vicki as it’s her turn to finally let her emotions show, and Joe finally comes running into the hospital thankfully without any unwanted guests.

“Where is she?!”

He asks and Cynthia hops up and runs into his arms continuing her somewhat loud sobs into his chest. I begin feeling bad for them all. For some reason I begin to feel like I caused this entire situation. Stefani has never taken more than 6 maybe 7 pills at one time before. The only reason the Germanotta’s were ever even at Vicki’s house today was because of me. And it was because of me that Natali, Stefani and I were in that barn. I stumble backwards into the chair beside Vicki with a look of shock on my face. She turns to me worriedly.

“Tara? Are you okay?”

She asks sympathetically and I turn my head to look at her in the eyes.

“Is this my fault?”

I ask and she quickly shakes her head before leaning over and hugging me tightly.

“Of course not! What on earth makes you think that?!”

She asks and I start crying. I spill all of my thoughts to her and she sighs before gently pushing me back and wipes the tears off of my face.

“This is most definitely not your fault Tara. Why Stefani took those pills is beyond me. But I know it wasn’t because of you. She told you she just wanted to sleep. I don’t think she realized just how many she took.”

I try to let her words sink in but they aren’t convincing me very well. I need to hear it from Stefani herself before I can believe that. Though I have to remember that she only has a one in one hundred chance of survival. This makes me feel even more guilty.

Three and a half hours pass by before the doctor approaches us once again. He gives a small, reassuring smile but we don’t care about politeness right now. All we care about is the news he has about Stefani. The girl that I will gladly call my girlfriend from now on if she’ll let me. I’ll shout it from the rooftops if I have to. Just let her be okay.

“Stefani is fine. She is well and awake. There’s no worries and she’ll be able to go home tomorrow night.”

He says and we all breathe out sighs of relief. Well, I can’t help but feel even more weight being pressed upon my shoulders as I come to the realization that I have to now confront her. This is a live or die moment for me. Will she love me or will she hate me? Will she forgive me or will she send me back to my horrific parents. I don’t know. But right now I want to see her so I turn to Cynthia and Joe. Natali practically runs to her room with her parents following closely behind.

“Aren’t you coming Tara?”

Vicki asks and I look at her again.

“I don’t want to intrude on family time…”

I whisper and she wraps an arm around me.

“Stefani loves you Tara. As far as we’re concerned, you are family.”

I give a small smile and we walk together into the room.

“Hey angel!”

Vicki smiles at Stefani who’s sitting up on the bed smiling back at her.

“Hey Vicki.”

She replies before looking at me.

“Tara! You came!”

She gasps and I give a small laugh.

“Of course I came!”

I reply and walk to her. She holds her hand out to me and I hold hers thankful that she’s clearly not mad at me.

“Tara risked her life to save you Stef!”

Natali blurts out and I feel my cheeks get hot as I become a little embarrassed. Stefani looks at me with her jaw dropped.

“Really? You did that for me?”

She asks and I nod slowly.

“Yeah I guess you could put it that way.”

Stefani pulls me to her and kisses my cheek. I blush and she giggles.

“Thank you Tara.”

She whispers and I climb onto the bed next to her and wrap my arms around her. As she cuddles into my warm embrace I return the favor and kiss her cheek making everyone in the room ‘aww’ at us.

“The doctor says you can come home tomorrow night. What do you want for dinner then?”

Joe asks and she smiles at me.

“I wanna make our famous meatballs for Tara!”

She gasps and we all laugh.

“Meatballs it is!”

Joe shouts and Stefani pulls one more surprise by taking my face in her hands and kissing me with all the passion that she can pull from her body. It wasn’t that hard to tell. I return the kiss matching the passion. Maybe adding a little more.

“Ewww get a roooom!”

Natali jokes and Stefani laughs before gently punching her arm.

Due to technical difficulties (as you probably noticed i didnt upload chapter 12 of The Tutor last night - Tumblr was messing up and wouldnt let me post) I had to change the dates of what im writing. Im soooo sorry guys

Best Night Ever

Gaga walks up to the giant mirror hanging on the wall of the hotel. She’s going to be meeting Taylor on the set before they go to this Garth Brooks concert he’s been wanting to go to . But of course she had to stop by a hotel and “beautify herself” first.

“Can’t go see my man looking ratchet now can I Asia?”

She says as she adjusts the blonde wig on her head. Asia tilts her head to the side as if to say that she doesn’t understand the question. A knock at the door makes the little pooch start barking. Gaga giggles and opens the door.

“It’s just Tara little bucket!”

She says. Tara laughs and walks in. Gaga gives her makeup artist a hug and smiles.

“How are you doll?”

Tara asks and Gaga twirls.

“I’m excited to be in Chicago!”

She responds. Tara shakes her head.

“Excited to be in Chicago or excited to be near Taylor?”

She asks with a small laugh.

“That is a controversial question.”

Gaga winks making Tara laugh more.

“Well go! Go have fun!”

She says. Gaga nods and pets Asia before thanking Tara and rushing out of the door. Ed follows Gaga to the elevator but is surprised when she turns and walks through the door to get to the stairs. He follows closely behind without a question but it’s almost as if she knows what he’s thinking.

“Sorry. I just can’t wait because I’m soooo excited!”

She giggles and Ed chuckles.

“No problem.”

He replies and they exit the staircase. Walking through the lobby Pete meets up with them. He and Ed stay on full alert mode of their surroundings making sure that Gaga is going to be safe at all costs. Once they make it to the vehicle Ed lets Pete open the passenger door for her and she climbs into the seat before he closes it and gets into the back while Ed gets into the driver’s seat. The paparazzi starts to appear running up behind the car and Gaga groans putting her favorite sunglasses onto her face.

“Go go go go go!”

She sighs and Ed speeds off towards the set of Chicago Fire.


Gaga screams and runs up to Taylor. She jumps on him and wraps her legs around him. Taylor laughs and kisses her passionately.

“I’ve missed you Stef!”

He says and tears begin to form in her eyes.

“I’ve missed you more Tay!”

She says. Taylor wipes her tears and kisses her cheeks multiple times.

“Don’t cry baby! You’ll smudge your makeup!”

He chuckles. Gaga blushes and gets off of him when she hears Taylor’s coworkers whistling at them. Taylor waves them off and grabs hold of Gaga’s hand.

“Are you ready for the concert?”

He asks and she stands on her toes to kiss his cheek.

“Definitely! It’s always exciting to be the one in the crowd rather than onstage!”

She smiles widely. The two walk to the car and get into it. They talk about everything they’ve been wanting to talk about for months until they get to the venue. Thousands of screaming Garth Brooks fans are looped around the venue. Finding the nearest parking space to the building but farthest from the nosy paparazzi was hard, but after about five minutes of Gaga yelling

“There’s one!”

Taylor pulls into one he thinks is suitable enough.

“You ready?”

He asks, though already knowing her answer.

“Just give me one second.”

His girlfriend answers pulling her purse onto her lap and digging through its contents.

“It was worth a shot.”

Taylor shrugs and laughs to himself, pulling out his phone to entertain himself while Gaga examines her complexion I her small compact mirror.

“Okay! Let’s go!”

She exclaims, swinging her purse over her shoulder, giving her hair one last smooth down and getting out of the car.


Taylor mutters under his breath.

“What was that?”

Gaga asks and he shrugs.

“Nothing! I just said that I’m happy to be here with you!”

He replies and Gaga smiles.

“Aw I’m happy too!”

She says and skips towards the building making Taylor have to increase his pace to keep up with the blonde. The two walk inside and their ears have to adapt to the increasingly loud screams of the fans. Once they make it to their seats they realize they made it right on time as the main lights turn off, the stage lights turn on, Garth Brooks walks onto the stage and he begins performing his greatest hits.

About an hour and a half later Gaga and Taylor are dancing to one of their favorite songs.

“Cause I’ve got friends in low places where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away…and I’ll be okay.”

He sings and Gaga smiles widely at her boyfriend as he dances close to her sneaking quick pecks on the lips every now and then.

“I’m not big on social graces think I’ll slip on down to the oasis oh, I’ve got friends…in low places!”

Gaga wants to sing along but notices they are already attracting attention and she’s afraid that the people around her will go even more crazy so she sings in her head. Taylor however, cannot stop singing no matter how hard he tries. Gaga admires his voice as he’s able to sound nearly just like Garth as he sings along.

After the concert Gaga feels as though she’s in a trance. Taylor has to carry her out because she was getting tired. She rests her head on his chest and wraps her arms around his neck as he walks to the car.

“Thank you T. For an amazing night.”

She says. Taylor kisses the top of her head.

“No. Thank you.”

He replies and Gaga looks up at him.

“I love you Tay.”

She says.

“I love you more.” 

Coming Home

"The plane will be landing soon, so please get your belongings together and make an orderly exit. We hope you enjoyed your flight."

The young blonde flight attendant places the speaker back into its place and buckles herself into her seat, she catches me glancing at her and smiles warming, I smile back getting my purse from underneath my seat.

"When will I learn to not pack so much."

I groan, lifting it onto my lap and checking my reflection in the window one last time as the plane smoothly touches down. As soon as the pilot says its safe to get off board, people start crowding my seat at the front saying quick “excuse mes” as they push and nudge each other, trying to get out first.

"Please try not to push each other."

The young woman from before warns the passengers and gently guides each one off the plane with her hand. I get up out of my seat stretching out my arms as far as I can without slapping someone in the face. Which I’d like to do right now. Starting to walk out in the aisle I glance back and see an old woman walking out at the same time. I stop to let her go but she just smiles at me instead.

"You go first dear, I’m sure you have a handsome young man waiting for you out there."

She laughs quietly to herself.

"Thank you."

I blush, my mind flooding with thoughts of Taylor, remembering how much I really did miss him. I start to feel giddy as I walk off the plane and into the airport almost abandoned airport. I find a seat and sit down, placing my very heavy bags down beside me.

"The things woman do."

Remembering Taylor’s words when he first dropped me off at the airport a couple weeks ago. I laugh to myself Remembering how big his eyes were when he saw all of my bags. Dragging me from my thoughts was the vibrations from my phone, I scurry to try and find it eventually finding it in the front pocket of my purse like it usually is.

"Hey babe!"

His soft voice chirped in my ear.


I say again, my voice barely audible. I could feel my cheeks getting hot at the sound of his voice.

"I’m still in traffic but I’ll be there as soon as I can okay? I love you."

I Smile, the giddy feeling returning to me like it never left. God I feel like a 13 year old girl.

"I love you too T, get here soon please!"

I whine, the excitement apparent in my voice. After hanging up the call, my eyes search the airport for something to do in the mean time. Food? Eh why not.. I stand up and stride towards the food court. I look around and can’t help but notice the lack of screaming fans, which greatly surprises me.

“Look there she is! Gaga!”

Turning around, I see a crowd of people coming my way and it seems apparent that I jinxed myself. Well…not really jinxed because I love my monsters. Seeing them always puts a smile on my face, and makes me feel special. The fact that my music in its own way helps these people still amazes me to this day. The crowd of people are getting closer now, their ages are mixed and they are all wearing some sort of artRAVE inspired outfit. I spot a young girl running towards me but is stopped by my sometimes too cautious bodyguard Ed, where he came from? I have no idea. She freezes, looking from Ed to me with the saddest expression I’ve ever seen on a little kid. It breaks my heart.

“Do you think she’s gonna pull a knife on me Ed? She’s like seven years old.”

Ed shrugs giving me that “just cautious” look that he loves to give and moves slightly out of the way.

“I’m eight!”

The little girl exclaims as I kneel down she giggles and runs into my arms. Choking on laughter I hug her tightly and nod.

“So sorry! She’s eight everyone!”

The crowd begins to laugh and I break away from the hug.

"Is that your doggy?"

She asks turning her head and smiling widely in another direction.

“What do-”

I’m cut off by a small dog running out of nowhere and who is now frantically licking my face, tail wagging every which way.

"Asia! Where did you come from?"

I laugh and hug her close to my chest.
She barks earning a laugh from everyone around us.

“What about me?”

That voice…it’s all too familiar to me. I see a tall figure standing amongst the crowd of monsters a silence falling over them. Standing there in the middle of the crowd was a very attractive looking Taylor, hair done perfectly, hands in his dark denim jeans. I scream and run towards him, accidentally pushing some people in the way. oops


I yell excitedly. A few “awes” being dispersed throughout the airport.

"Oh God I missed you so much."

He said hugging me tightly, the vibrations from his chest make me smile and I hugged him tighter. By now most of the crowd had left, seeing as how I was kind of taken up at the moment. That’s the thing about Monsters, they may seem wild and ecstatic but they really are sweet and genuine people, and they know when time alone is needed. Not that I wanted them to leave but there is such a thing as privacy, even for celebrities. Not wanting to ever be more than an inch away from Taylor I turn and hug him on his side walking out the airport doors as cameras flash and fans start to scream again. I do my best to make some conversation with them, after all they did come all the way out here just to see me. I sign a few shirts, cds, and after greeting as many fans as possible I lace my fingers with Taylor’s swinging my arm on our way to the car.

"Soooo did you miss me?"

Taylor asks a grin plastered on his handsome face.

"Of course I did you idiot. I was gone for weeks."

He laughs and unlocks the car, grunting as he places my bags in the trunk, slamming it shut and opening the back door to let Asia in.

"Everyone in?"

He asks looking back at Asia and ruffling her fur on her head. She barks and we both laugh as Taylor starts up the car. Asia jumps on my lap and snuggles her head under my arm, showing me that she wants to be petted. I kiss her on the nose and glance at Taylor, whose soft features are now serious. He always gets so serious when he drives. I laugh quietly and continue petting the squirming animal on my lap.


He asks curiously, his face now plastered with amusement.

"You always get so serious when you drive."

My tone of voice was as playful as could be, knowing Taylor sometimes gets defensive about the way he drives, always shooting back with comments laced with sarcasm like “it’s better than dying” or “would you rather get in a crash?” Only this time he just laughed and continued driving, making a conscious effort to make his expression less serious- looking.Soft drops of water begin to form on the windows of the car, the smell of rain filling my nostrils. Taylor and I sat in a comfortable silence for the rest of the ride home and it was nice. We just listened to the rain beating against the windows, occasionally glancing and smiling at each other. I was happy, and I could tell he was too.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank you SOOOOO much to my friend Bria for helping me write this!! Guy’s she’s so good ahhhh. <3

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