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Le Bébé - Chapter 6

The next day comes and Gaga has only gotten more fearful. She has lost confidence in herself and has become distant from Charlotte. Tara observes and takes care of the little baby while Gaga sits in bed, scrolling through twitter and not speaking a word. She knows it’s bad to ignore the little baby that has done nothing to her. She regrets ever having the baby and regrets letting Taylor know about her.

“He would have found out anyway baby. It’s okay, we’ll get through this.”

Tara has repeated this to Gaga so many times that she has actually given up and has left her alone. She believes that Gaga just needs some room right now to think. Luke storms into the apartment scaring Tara. She runs from the kitchen and throws a wet dish rag at him.

“Damn it Luke!”

She shouts as Charlotte’s piercing screams fill the apartment.

“I just got her to sleep!”

She runs to the crib and picks up the crying infant and begins to bounce her gently.

“Sorry Tara. I’m just excited!”

He whispers and Tara raises an eyebrow as Charlotte drifts back off into sleep. She puts the baby back into the crib carefully and Luke follows her back into the kitchen.

“So what are you so happy about?”

She asks and begins to stir the spaghetti sauce. Luke claps and his eyes grow as wide as they were when he found a puppy on the side of the road once. (He’s like a child)

“Stefani can keep Charlotte if Taylor agrees to share custody!”

Tara gives a small smile of recognition.

“Yes but getting him to agree is the hard part.”

Luke’s face turns from the excitement to the sadness that he showed when Tara told him they weren’t going to keep the puppy.

“Why do you girls always have to ruin my vibe?”

He asks and Tara turns the heat off of the sauce and noodles.

“Sorry Luke. I’m just trying to get her back to her normal self before I worry about strategic skills in the courtroom.”

He nods and helps Tara put plates and forks on the table before they mix the sauce and the noodles and dish some out onto each plate.

“I think that if spaghetti can’t cure her sadness then we need to take her to a mental hospital because nothing will.”

He laughs and Tara nods.

“Exactly why I made it. I’m going to go get her be right back. Watch Charlotte and DON’T touch her Luke!”

She glares at him and he puts his hands up in defense.

“Alright alright!”

He replies making Tara smile. She walks into the bedroom and closes the door behind her.

“Hey babe.”

She speaks softly and sits beside Gaga on the bed. Gaga gives a small, forced smile, but doesn’t respond.

“Come eat with us tonight?”

She asks and Gaga shakes her head.

“Not hungry.”

She whispers and Tara sighs.

“But that’s what you said about dinner last night, then breakfast and lunch today.”

Tara replies and Gaga shrugs.

“Still not hungry.”

Tara stares at her a moment when she hears Gaga’s stomach grumbling.

“Alright come eat! No excuses!”

She smiles and stands with a hand out. Gaga groans and reluctantly stands taking Tara’s hand.


She mumbles. Tara and Gaga walk out of the bedroom and sit at the table where Luke is holding Charlotte.


Tara exclaims making him jump and look at her. Charlotte begins to cry and he curses under his breath as he bounces her back to sleep before putting her back in the crib.

“I told you not to touch her!”

Tara says and punches his arm. Luke shrieks and rubs the sore spot.


He whines and they gather around the table to eat. Gaga stares at her plate with her fork in hand.

“If you don’t cheer up because this meal is your favorite we are resorting to a mental institution.”

Tara claims making Gaga laugh a little.

“You two are crazy.”

She says and begins eating. She doesn’t want to, but she knows that she can’t begin to starve herself again. Gaga eats all of her food and begins to feel better.

“You ok now?”

Luke asks and she nods.

“Thank you Tara it was delicious.”

Gaga smiles and hugs her tightly. Tara mentally cheers with the success of the meal and Luke sneaks over to Charlotte.

“You touch her you die!”

Tara whispers harshly making him run to the kitchen and start doing dishes. The girls laugh at the silliness and begin to help him clean up the mess. When they finish, Gaga falls onto the couch.

“Wow that was tiring.”

Luke folds his arms and squints his eyes at her.

“You rinsed off your plate and put it in the dishwasher.”

He says. Gaga shrugs.

“Watching you two doing most of the work was tiring!”

She says and Tara walks in laughing.

“That sounds both cute, and annoying at the same time. Which makes it more-“


Luke interrupts and Tara nudges him in the side.

“No, it makes it cuter!”

She finishes and Luke rolls his eyes.


All of a sudden they hear a loud thud. The three are startled by three cops running into the apartment with their guns drawn.

“Hands up! Everyone freeze and put your hands up!”

They shout and the three quickly throw their hands in the air while another lady walks straight to Charlotte and picks her up.

“Hey! Put her down right now!”

Gaga screams and begins to run to her baby when an officer points his gun directly at her and shouts for her to freeze. Gaga obeys and tears flow out of her eyes as she watches the lady pull out a badge.

“Krystal Griffin is my name. I am with Child Protective Services and am currently removing Charlotte Rose Kinney from your custody.”

She simply states before walking straight out of the room with the baby. Tara and Luke’s jaws drop. They have been left completely speechless.

“Charlotte! No! Bring her back to me! Why are you doing this?!”

Gaga screams and falls to her knees crying.

“Which one of you is Stefani Germanotta?”

An officer asks and Tara points at Gaga.

“That’s her. What is this about?”

She asks. The officer lowers his gun ignoring her question. He pulls out a pair of handcuffs and forces Gaga to stand before putting her arms behind her back and placing the cuffs around her wrist.

“What? What is this? What are you doing?”

Tara asks and Gaga’s cries are suppressed by the shock and terror.

“Stefani Germanotta you are hereby under arrest for child abuse-“

He begins but is interrupted by Luke.

“WHAT?! This is ridiculous! She would NEVER abuse a child! This is outrageous!”

He screams but the cop ignores him and continues reading off Gaga’s rights while forcing her out of the apartment with Luke and Tara following closely behind.

Le Bébé - Chapter 5


Gaga whispers and takes the paper from Tara.

“We’ll fight this!”

Luke shouts and Gaga shakes her head.

“He can’t take my baby from me! He just can’t!”

She says and throws the paper down. Tara runs to her and embraces her tightly.

“He won’t get her Stefani. We’ll win this I promise.”

She says and Gaga sighs.

“Don’t make a promise that you might not be able to keep Tara.”

She replies and Tara grabs her keys.

“Luke, stay here with her. I need to go talk to someone. Stefani, just stay with Luke and Charlotte.”

She says. Luke nods and Gaga just sits down onto the couch and watches as Tara leaves.

Tara pulls her car into park and stares at the house she is sitting in front of. It is night but the lights are on. She silently thanks God that she won’t have to wake Taylor up. Tara gets out of the car and walks to the door. She takes a deep breath and rings the doorbell twice. When she hears nothing she rings it again and hears Taylor stomping on the floor towards the door.

“Alright alright!”

He shouts and opens the door.


He says clearly shocked that the black haired woman is standing on his front door step.


She simply replies and he leans on the doorframe with his arms folded.

“What are you doing here?”

He asks and Tara doesn’t know what to say so she just flat out asks,

“Why the hell would you try to take Charlotte away from Stefani?”

Taylor shrugs his shoulders and looks around behind Tara before looking back at her.

“She’s my daughter.”

He replies and Tara shakes her head.

“She’s Stefani’s daughter too.”

Taylor rolls his eyes.

“She’s clearly unfit to raise a child Tara. She’s a child herself.”

Tara wants to slap him so badly but decides to save that for last.

“You’re wrong. If you would watch her long enough you would see that she’s a great mother.” 

Tara speaks roughly and Taylor’s eyes look like tires with how many times he rolls them.

“Charlotte needs a father figure in her life. And she won’t get that with Stefani. Because you, you’re just a scrawny little girl yourself.”

Tara shakes her head and decides she is getting nowhere. She slaps Taylor and he stares at her as if he wants to hit her back but is refraining from it.

“You’re making a huge mistake Taylor. That baby needs a mother too. She needs Stefani and Stefani needs her. You won’t win this.”

Tara finishes and walks back to her car. She gets in and sees Taylor watch her leave. On her way back to the apartment tears cover her eyes blurring her vision. Tara drives off into the wrong lane and the brightening sight of lights in front of her makes her quickly jerk the steering wheel back to her side of the road. Red and blue lights begin flashing behind her and she hears a siren. She curses herself and pulls the car over. A police officer steps out of the car behind her and approaches her.

“Ma’am I’m gonna need you to step out of the vehicle.”

He says and Tara does as she’s told. She sighs.

“I’m sorry about that sir. I wasn’t in the best mood to drive I guess.”

She mumbles and he nods.

“Have you been drinking tonight miss?”

He asks and Tara shakes her head.

“No sir I have not. It was just a case of crying behind the wheel.”

She replies and the officer pulls a breathalyzer out of his pocket and holds it up to Tara’s mouth.

“Breathe into this for me please.”

He says and Tara obeys. She blows into it and the officer reads. He nods.

“I am going to write you a ticket for failure to maintain control of the vehicle.”

He says pulling out a ticket book. Tara sighs and gives him her information before he lets her back into her car and she drives the rest of the way to the apartment careful to save her tears for when she is in her room.

Tara hides the ticket in her purse and quietly walks into the apartment. Luke is snoring on the couch with his arms going in two different directions and one leg falling off the couch. She walks into the bedroom and finds Gaga sleeping on the bed curled up next to Charlotte. She smiles and pauses a moment to watch. Normally at any other time she would snap a picture and tweet it. But it’s not a good time for that. She carefully takes the sleeping baby and places her in her crib. She then climbs into the bed beside Gaga carefully and cuddles close to her. Gaga groans a little and Tara hugs her close.

“It’s okay. It’s just me.”

Tara whispers and kisses Gaga’s forehead. Gaga falls back into a deep sleep and Tara soon falls into one herself.

Tara is abruptly awoken by a sharp pain in her thigh. The bed is shaking and she feels Gaga punch her stomach. She squeals and crawls out of the bed. She watches as Gaga throws her fists around and kicks the air.

“Charlotte! No! Give her back!”

She screams and Tara instantly knows she’s having a dream. Tara carefully grabs Gaga’s arms and holds them down. She shushes Gaga and plants kisses on her cheeks.

“Stefani! Stef stop! It’s just a dream my baby! It’s just a dream!”

Gaga’s eyes pop open and she grabs onto Tara sobbing. Tara hugs her tightly and feels Gaga’s body shaking. She’s sobbing hard and Tara is still shushing her.

“It’s okay Stef. It’s alright.”

Soon Gaga calms down and walks to her baby. She picks up the frightened infant and holds her close. Tara watches Gaga and thinks about how she wants nothing more than to slap Taylor once again for putting Gaga in this position.

Le Bébé - Chapter 4

Gaga eventually falls asleep again and Tara carefully puts the also sleeping infant into the crib. Tara grabs Luke and drags him out into the hallway. He groans and she shuts the door. Luke messes with his shirt.

"Damn it you wrinkled it!"

Tara shakes her head and sighs.

"Your shirt is the last thing on my mind right now."

She replies and the two watch a doctor slowly walk past. When he’s gone Tara turns back to Luke and whispers,

"What are we going to do?"

Luke raises an eyebrow and stares at her for a moment.

"Bout what?"

He asks and Tara punches his arm.


He squeals and they look around to make sure nobody is there.

"About Taylor you nut head! He’s going to take Charlotte away from Stefani."

She speaks quickly and his eyes go wide in understanding.

"OOOOOH! That! I don’t know. He’ll probably just get split custody."

Luke shrugs and Tara has a major face palm moment. She’s screaming in frustration on the inside and feels as if she is going to have a mental breakdown. If it weren’t for Taylor’s narcissistic self they would be much happier right now. But of course he’s going to try to ruin it for her and Gaga. Luke sees Tara’s frustration and hugs her.

"It will be okay. We’ll get her a good lawyer and we’ll take it one day at a time."

He says and Tara nods, burying her head on his chest.

"Thank you Luke."

She smiles and he pushes her back to look at her.

"For now you should be in there,"

he points at the room,

"with your baby and your girl."

Tara smiles at him and wipes the tears that have formed in her eyes before Luke leaves to get some things. She re-enters the room and sees Gaga sleeping peacefully on the bed. Tara takes her shoes off and carefully climbs up beside her, cuddling her closely, and falling asleep herself.

Tara only managed to sleep but an hour and wakes up to find Luke holding Charlotte and whispering to her. She smiles and climbs off the hospital bed. She walks to him and he hands her the infant.

"She’s adorable."

Tara says smiling down at her. Charlotte seems as though she understood and squeals with excitement, smiling back at her making the two giggle quietly.

"I’m hungry."

Luke blurts out.

"When are you not?"

Tara giggles. She puts Charlotte in the crib and starts walking towards the door, already knowing that Luke will want to get something to eat.

"I feel bad just leaving her here."

Tara admits to Luke, who’s fast-walking down the hallway.

"So stay."

Luke spins on his heels and turns to Tara.

"You sure you don’t mind going by yourself?"

Tara asks carefully,

"Nahh I’ll bring you guys back some breakfast."

Luke smiles ushering her back into Gaga’s hospital room.

"Don’t spend too much money!"

Tara calls,


Luke laughs and smirks back at Tara.

"That boy is crazy."

Tara laughs to herself.


Gaga asks yawning and rubbing her eyes.

"You’re awake!"

Tara gasps and Gaga laughs at her reaction.

"Yup… I’m awake… Where’s Luke?"

She asks blinking a couple times to get used to the sunlight.

"He went to go get breakfast."

Tara says, signaling with her hand for gaga to scoot over on the bed. She sits down and fiddling with a loose thread on the blanket.

"I should’ve known!"

Gaga laughs out loud and Tara laughs with her.

"You should’ve."

Tara smiles at gaga and the expression changes on Gaga’s face, like she remembered what happened the day before.

"You thinking about Taylor?"

Tara asks carefully, trying to read the expression on Gaga’s face.


Gaga responds quietly, her jaw tensing, meaning she’s deep in thought.

"It’s gonna be okay."

Tara says wrapping her arm around gaga, and kissing her head gently.

“How can you always be so positive?”

Gaga asks and Tara looks at her. She shrugs and smiles.

“I get it from you.”

Gaga raises an eyebrow.


She responds and Tara nods.

“Of course! You’re always so positive to your fans and everyone else.”

Gaga hugs Tara closely and then climbs off of the bed. Tara watches as she crosses the room and scoops up the newborn baby girl.

“Guess whaaaaaat!”

Luke exclaims as he runs into the room with a paper bag.

“You finally got food?”

Tara jokes and he rolls his eyes.

“That too. But no!”

He says and Gaga turns to him as she feeds the infant and sighs.

“Then what?”

She asks and he starts jumping up and down as he speaks.

“You get to leave today!”

Tara jumps off of the bed and runs to Gaga. She wraps her arms around her and Charlotte gently.

“We’re bringing her home!”

She smiles. The doctor enters the room with an envelope and smiles at each of them.

“I suppose you heard the news that you and your healthy baby girl may leave?”

He asks and they nod.

“Well here is the birth certificate of your little bundle of joy.”

He laughs and hands Tara the envelope. She takes it gratefully and the doctor wishes them luck before leaving the room.

“Well, you get to go home today. But…”

Luke trails off making the girls stare at him curiously.

“But what Luke?”

Tara asks.

“But what about your fans? And the paparazzi?”

He questions and Gaga shrugs.

“What about them?”

She sighs and he shakes his head.

“As soon as Ed and Pete step foot outside to come here they will be all over the place. Gaga understands and looks down at her baby. (That’s so cool to think …“her baby”) She pulls the baby to her chest and smiles.

“I want to let them see her.”

Tara becomes nervous and skeptical.

“But baby…they’ll frighten her.”

She says and Gaga nods, without taking her eyes off of the peaceful infant.

“Ed and Peter will keep them away.”

Two hours have passed by and the three are now amongst about twenty fans and paparazzi. Everyone is screaming for Gaga to stop and take photos. Instead, she holds Charlotte closer to her and pulls the blanket to block the flashes from the baby’s eyes. Tara has Gaga close to her own body as Ed and Pete push people away so that the three can get into the vehicle. Gaga safely fastens Charlotte into the car seat and Tara watches happily as Luke stares out the window at the screaming fans. Once they arrive at the apartment the three are happy to be alone. Gaga takes Charlotte into her room and carefully places her in her pink crib letting her sleep. She turns the baby monitor on and walks back out to the kitchen where Luke is going through the stack of mail they brought inside. When he freezes Tara walks to him slowly. He’s staring at a big white envelope.

“You okay Luke?”

She asks and he looks up at her, then at Gaga.

“Luke you’re scaring me what is it?”

Gaga asks and he hands the envelope to Tara.

“It’s a letter from the courthouse.”

He chokes and Tara rips it open before taking out the piece of paper. She reads it and nearly falls over scaring Gaga even more.

“What is it Tara?!”

She shouts and Tara stares at her with fear in her eyes.

“Taylor is fighting for full custody of Charlotte.”

Le Bébé - Chapter 3

Tara and Luke run alongside Gaga, who is on a stretcher screaming in pain, and the doctors to the delivery room. Once they arrive, Tara tells Luke that he needs to wait in the waiting room while Gaga is in labor. He stomps his foot like a child and shakes his head.

“But whyyy! I want to be able to see her too!”

He says and the doctors move Gaga onto the chair and put her feet up in the holster looking things. Gaga glares at him and screams.


He puts his hands up in defense and leaves the room. Tara mouths that she is sorry at him and closes the door while the doctors begin encouraging Gaga.

”Okay Ms. Germanotta, you need to start pushing for us.”

One says and she screams again. Tara runs to the chair beside her and grabs Gaga’s hand.

“Take a deep breath first, then give a real long push when they tell you to okay? It’s going to be okay! Do it for Charlotte!”

Tara encourages her as calmly as she can. Gaga takes a deep breath.


The doctor yells and Gaga pushes which makes her scream louder. Tara feels like her hand is breaking as Gaga squeezes it hard but she understands the level of pain Gaga is in right now.

“Breathe a moment. She’s almost here you can do this. Now…push!”

He yells and Gaga cries as she pushes again. Tara kisses her hand and feels bad for the brunette woman who is breathing heavily in between pushed and crying. Her face turns cherry red as the doctor yells push again. She screams and Tara squeezes her hand.

“I can see the head! The head is visible! Okay sweetie, one more good long push for me!”

He yells and Gaga takes a deep breath before pushing as hard as she can. When she stops she knows it is over when she hears a little scream. She cries and Tara stands to hug her girlfriend. Gaga is sobbing as the doctors clean up the baby and wrap her in a little blanket. Tara climbs onto the bed beside Gaga and they hand Gaga the little baby girl.

“Congratulations Ms. Germanotta.”

He smiles as Gaga cries more seeing the little girl with hazel eyes and a little bit of hair.

“She’s beautiful.”

Gaga whispers and Tara’s eyes widen upon seeing the little face.

“Oh my God! She looks so much like you!”

Tara whispers making Gaga giggle.

“You think so?”

She asks and Tara nods.

“She does.”

The doctor walks towards them and smiles.

“Do you have a name for her?”

He asks and Gaga looks at Tara and Tara nods in approval.

“Charlotte Rose.”

She smiles and he nods before walking towards the door. Tara remembers Luke and asks the doctor to let him back in. Once Luke enters the room, he runs straight to Gaga to see Charlotte. She is now sleeping with her thumb in her mouth and Luke squeals with excitement. Gaga laughs at him as he admires the little baby.

“She’s beautiful Stefani!”

He says and Gaga thanks him.

“I’m so tired.”

She whispers and Tara carefully takes the sleeping baby from her.

“Oh my…”

She smiles and Gaga slowly falls asleep. Tara kisses her forehead and looks back at Charlotte.

The next day Gaga wakes up before Tara and Luke She sees Charlotte lying in the little hospital crib-like thing and smiles. She wants nothing more than to hold her newborn baby but she is in too much pain to move on her own. She looks at Luke who is lying on the couch with one arm above his head and the other hanging off the couch.


She whispers trying not to wake Tara. He groans and his hand falls to hit him in the face startling him awake. Gaga covers her mouth to keep her from laughing loudly as he falls off the couch.

“Luke you are a mess.”

Gaga whispers as he stands. He shakes his head at her.

“I’m going to take that as a compliment.”

He says and Gaga nods.

“Of course you do. Can I trust you to bring my baby to me without injuring her or yourself for that matter?”

She asks and he shrugs.


He replies and Gaga points at her.

“Can you bring Charlotte to me please?”

She asks and he walks to Charlotte.

“Don’t forget to support her head!”

She nearly shouts and he rolls his eyes before carefully lifting the baby girl. He smiles.


Luke says and walks towards Gaga. She opens her arms in an attempt to take the baby but he pouts and backs away.

“Can I hold her for just one more minute?”

He asks and Gaga laughs.

“Okay but I’m counting!”

She says and he sticks his tongue out at her. She watches as he gently bounces with the baby. She opens her arms again and says,

“Okay now give her to me!”

Luke decides to ignore Gaga’s comment and instead admires the baby girl, holding her close to his chest.


He again ignores Gaga, turning his back to her and continues rocking Charlotte.

“LUKE!” Gaga yells, louder than she means to and quickly snaps her head in Tara’s direction realizing she could have possibly woken up the black haired beauty.

“You’re such a cute baby you know that?”

Luke smiles down at Charlotte who is now drifting off to sleep.

“Well she is MY daughter.”

Gaga coughs into her fist.


She harshly whispers to Luke. Luke groans and gives Charlotte to her eager mother. Immediately, Charlotte starts crying.

“No no it’s okay I’m your mommy!”

Gaga attempts to calm the infant down.

“Well then.”

Luke smirks and crosses his arms.

“Looks like she likes me more.”

He holds out his arms signifying Gaga to give Charlotte back to him. Gaga glares and reluctantly places the baby in Luke’s arms.

“I hope she doesn’t think you’re her dad.”

Gaga chuckles and admires how good Luke is with Charlotte.

“You couldn’t go wrong with me as a dad.”

Luke states confidently.

“There are many ways you could go wrong Luke.”

Says Tara who is stretching out her arms. Luke glares at Tara and sticks his tongue out. Tara just sticks out her tongue back at him and the three laugh at their immaturity. The doctor enters the room with a concerned look on his face.

“Ms. Germanotta?”

He says and the smiles fade from each of the three faces as they see the concern of the doctor.

“What is it?”

She asks and Luke holds the baby close to him as if to protect her from any harm.

“There is a man in the waiting room. He claims he is the biological father of your baby. His name is Taylor Kinney.”

Gaga looks from the doctor to Tara and then to Luke who hands her the sleeping baby.

“Ms. Germanotta, do you know this man?”

He asks and Gaga nods whilst looking at Charlotte.

“Yes. He is the father of her.”

She replies quietly and the doctor nods.

“I will let him in if that is alright with you. It is my understanding that he wants to see her”

Gaga looks up at Tara silently questioning whether she should let him enter the room. Tara nods and grabs her hand.

“Let him see her.”

She whispers and the doctor leaves the room to get Taylor. They wait silently for five minutes before he enters the room silently and awkwardly. Luke is glaring at him while Tara stares at Charlotte. Gaga gives Taylor a small smile as he approaches her.

“Let me hold her.”

He says holding out his arms. Gaga hesitates and Tara nods at her in encouragement so she hands the infant over to him. Taylor takes the baby and smiles, softly bouncing with her in his arms.

“I promise I will be a father to you.”

He says and Gaga shakes her head.

“No you won’t. You’ll leave her just like you left me when you found out I was pregnant.”

She snaps and he stares at her.

“Yeah well I’m here now aren’t I? Anyway you won’t have a choice but to let me be a father to her in the long run.”

He whispers harshly. Taylor kisses the baby’s forehead and hands her over to Tara before leaving the room again. Gaga doesn’t know how to react to his words. She stares at Tara in worry.

“Tara…What did he mean by me not having a choice?”

She asks. Luke stares at Tara as well and she stares back at him. They both know very well what Taylor meant but they don’t want to worry Gaga.

“Don’t worry about him baby. He’s all talk.”

Tara says and climbs onto the bed beside Gaga, transferring the baby into her arms. Gaga worries for the safety of herself, and her child.

“I will protect you.”

She whispers down to the peaceful little girl.

Le Bébé - Chapter 2

Gaga watches as Taylor leaves the restaurant without a word. She shrugs it off as her family congratulates her.

“This amazing news! I’m going to be a grandmother!”

Cynthia exclaims happily and runs around the table to hug her from behind.

“Thanks mom.”

She smiles.

“I’m going to have a little niece or nephew! I call babysitter!”

Natali says and they laugh.

“Any time rat!”

Gaga winks. Tara hugs Gaga tightly.

“I’m very excited Stef.”

She says and Gaga nods.

“Me too.”

(9 months later)

Gaga caresses her enlarged belly and smiles. The girls have heard nothing from Taylor so they consider him the unpresent father. The baby is a girl and the couple has yet to come up with a name for her. Tara is making the two breakfast while Luke spent the night at his girlfriends place and hasn’t came back yet. Tara still doesn’t understand why Luke still lives with them rather than his girlfriend but she doesn’t mind. Gaga feels the baby girl move and she stands to walk into the kitchen. She giggles as she approaches Tara. Tara stops stirring the eggs and puts some on two plates.

“What are you giggling at?”

She laughs and kisses Gaga who takes Tara’s hand and places it on her belly.

Tara smiles widely when she feels the baby kick.

“Wow. She’s active!”

She exclaims and Gaga nods.

“I can’t wait for her to come.”

Gaga laughs and they eat.


The Haus has been very supportive and helpful for the past eight months. Gaga is due to have her little baby girl any day now and she hasn’t left her apartment in a week. Tara and Gaga sit on the couch to watch TV, but Tara can’t keep her eyes off of Gaga and her belly. She reaches over and rubs Gaga’s stomach.

“I still can’t believe how blessed I am to have you. And how blessed I am that I get to raise this child with you!”

She says with tears in her eyes. Gaga laughs and kisses her just as Luke enters the apartment.

“Woah. Did I come in at an emotional time?”

He smirks and Tara rolls her eyes.

“Sort of.”

Luke shrugs and sits on the opposite side of Gaga.

“Sooo, what’s her name?”

He asks as usual but Gaga only shakes her head making him groan.

“You know you’re supposed to know the name before you go into labor right?”

He says sarcastically and Tara reaches over to smack him but he blocks her hand and Gaga sighs.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

She asks and he pretends to stroke a beard he doesn’t have.

“Let’s see…nope!”

He winks and Tara sighs.

“You’re crazy Luke.”

Tara says and Luke throws his arms to the side and looks at Tara as if she has lost it.

“You’re just now figuring this out?”

Gaga has been staring at nothing for the past few minutes thinking. She focuses hard on her thoughts for a moment and gasps shocking both Tara and Luke.

“Is she coming?!”

Luke shouts jumping from the couch and grabbing his keys.


She shouts and he slumps, dropping the keys back onto the table.

“Then what’s wrong?”

Tara asks and Gaga grabs her hands.

“What about Charlotte Rose?”

She asks and Tara squeals with excitement.

“I love it!”

She says and Gaga smiles.

“You do?”

Tara nods and hugs Gaga.

“It’s perfect.”

Luke waves his hands at the two quickly.

“Helloooo! I’m here too! And I happen to love the name as well!”

He laughs and Gaga gives him a high five.

“Thank you.”

She says. Tara grabs her purse and looks at the two.

“Anyone wanna go baby shopping one last time before Charlotte arrives?”

She asks and Luke throws his hand in the air and jumps around.

“Uh, you gotta pee Luke?”

Gaga asks and he drops his arm before rolling his eyes at her.

“Noooo. I want to go! Buuut now that you mention it yes I have to pee.”

He says and runs to the bathroom. Tara and Gaga laugh.

“What do you say we leave him here?”

Tara asks.

“And crush a little boys heart?”

Gaga replies. Tara laughs again and manages to steal a kiss as Luke comes back out. He covers his eyes and shouts,

“Woah! No PDA in the living room!”

Tara and Gaga separate and stick their tongues out at him.

“It’s our apartment!”

Tara says and the three leave to find Ed.

Gaga picks up a little bib and laughs. She holds it up for Tara to see.

“If mommy says no ask grandma.”

She reads aloud and they laugh.

“My mom would love this!”

She says and puts it in the basket.

“Where’s Luke?”

She asks and they look around. A baby toy falls to the floor a few isles over and begins playing loud music. People in the store turn to stare at him as he jumps back before picking it up and placing it back onto the shelf.

“Found him.”

Gaga says shaking her head. The girls approach him and wave to the store clerk so that they don’t call security.

“Wow Luke. Am I going to have to hold your hand and tell you not to touch anything?”

Gaga smirks and he glares at her.

“Haha very funny.”

Luke says in a sarcastic tone.

“Ohhh Luuuuuke!”

Tara calls showing him a baby shirt that says

“I love penguins.”

“OH. MY. GOD.”

Luke runs and grabs the shirt from Tara and Tara just laughs and shakes her head.

“I’m not buying that!”

Gaga calls after Luke who is now practically running to the check out.

“I think you are Stef.”

Tara giggles as the tall blonde boy is jumping with excitement at his new purchase.

“He is crazy.”

Gaga mutters under her breath while holding back a laugh.

“I get it from you!”

Luke nudges Gaga in the side and smiles.

“This is for Charlotte.”

He hands the bag to Gaga smiling widely, obviously pleased with himself. Gaga takes out the shirt to examine it and Luke jumps around excitingly waiting for her to say how much she loves it.


Gaga says with a judgmental look.

“This is what you want MY child to wear?”

Luke scoffs and grabs the shirt, placing it back in the bag.

“What is wrong with it?!”

He holds the shirt close and pouts.

“Where is the sparkle?” 

Gaga says as if it’s obvious as to why she’s not exactly “in love” with the shirt.

“Not everything has to have sparkle!”

Luke steps back and looks at Gaga. Obviously confused why she doesn’t love his shirt of choice.

“Luke. Yes it does.”

Gaga looks at Tara for some back up.

“I’m not getting into this.”

Tara says taking a step back and puts her hands up in defense.


Gaga pouts and crosses her arms.

“Why won’t you help me?”

She whines.

“Acting like a 7 year old isn’t making me want to help you!” 

Tara says in a sing song voice not taking her eyes off the clothing racks.

“Ooooo burn!”

Luke laughs and points at Gaga.

“I’m not ashamed!”

Gaga says hitting Luke on the arm. Luke rubs his arm and sticks tongue out.


Tara laughs from behind them.

“That’s enough! You are gonna get us kicked out of this store!”

Tara says trying to be stern but let’s out a laugh instead.

“But she doesn’t like the shirt I bought!”

Luke whines to Tara who is now acting like the mother of the two.


Tara looks at Gaga with her arms crossed.

“Fineee. I like the shirt okay?”

Gaga gives in to Tara’s mothering.


Like jumps up and claps his hands. 

“Now can we go get something to eat I’m starved!”

Luke says as he rubs his stomach as if to prove he’s hungry.

“When are you not?”

Tara giggles and wraps her arms around Luke bringing him in for a hug.

“I thought you said no PDA Luke!”

Gaga mocks as the three walk out of the store.

“It’s different when it involves me Stefani.”

Luke says glaring playfully at Gaga. Tara interrupts,

“Can we go here? I’m in the mood for some pizza!”

Tara says her eyes sparkling while she looks at the menu posted outside of the pizza place.

“Luke will eat anything and I don’t mind.”

Gaga smiles at Tara.

“I’m going to take that as a compliment.”

Luke says not wanting to get into another argument. The three walk into the pizza place and Tara tells them to wait at the table while she orders for all of them.  Gaga laughs and shakes her head at Luke.

“You take everything as a compliment.”

“You should try it sometime; it makes things a lot easier.”

Luke says while stretching out his tall legs.

“Can I take your order?”

A young woman asks and Tara orders while Luke and Gaga sit at the table teasing each other like little kids. Tara looks back at them and smiles amused at how they both manage to act like little kids but at the same time are somewhat mature.  She turns back around and begins to fill up three cups of water when she hears Gaga’s frightened and shaky voice.


She shouts high pitched and pained making Tara drop the cup spilling ice and water everywhere. She quickly turns to run to Gaga.

“What?! What is it?!”

She shouts and looks at Gaga who has her arms over her belly.

“I think my water just broke!”  

as you can tell i incorporated Taga and Tayga in this fanfic. HOWEVER it is mostly a Taga fanfiction but the conflict will be minor by Taylor. you’ll see as the story goes ;) but i only tag it Taga because that is what it mostly is

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